Friday, July 10, 2015

Quds Day, Unity for Justice, Peace

People and government have been celebrating the last Friday of Ramadhan as Quds day in Iran for 34 years. Many other nations have also embraced the celebration during these years. Millions march in support of the Palestinian cause and condemn the atrocities and oppression of the zionsts. The issue of Palestine stands today as a stark symbol of global injustice and mismanagement with no clear solution in sight.

International instititions and major powers have failed to act properly and to save innocent civilian lives in many instances including Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Gaza. This incompetence has led to despair and has fuelled hatred and violence in the world. Today many analysts have found evidence to believe that DAESH is a fabrication of Western and Zionists intelligence services, to create discord and hatred against Muslims and to give a very wrong message about a religion preaching love and compassion for humanity.

The marchers of Quds day were mostly Shias supporting the cause of Palestinains who are mostly Sunnis. The march was a demonstration of unity and fraternity of all humanity against oppression and war. Muslims and all believers in righteousness and peace marched today to demonstrate their solidarity against oppression.


A group of researchers have done some valuable work to expose the extent and dimensions of the genocide in Gaza. It is notable that while the recent condemnation of the Gaza massacre in 2014 as genocide by the Human Rights Commission is a valuable action it is only the begining of a process which could shed light on this calamity.

CSI: Gaza - Forensic Architects Map Devastation in Gaza to Show Human Rights Violations

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