Saturday, March 15, 2008

Americans and Democracy in Iran

I voted yesterday with millions of Iranians.The nationwide voter turnout is estimated to be between 55-60%. The Reformists could compete for only about one third of the 290 seats in the Majlis due to the widespread disqualification of the Council of Guardians. Nevertheless the Reformists are hopeful, since they are well aware of their high popularity among the people. It is clear that people take part in elections with high hopes vested in change for the better.
Regional and international developments are noteworthy as well. The English Aljazeera asked for a live telephone interview the other day. They wanted to hear my reaction on the resignition of the Commander of American forces in the region,Admiral Richard Fallon. He had apparently spoken to Esquire newsmagazine about his reluctance to follow the administration's line in planning for a potential attack against Iran. I told them this is a indication of the deepening rifts within the adminstration and the military apparatus on their strategy vis a vis Iran. It is also an indication of the opposition that exists to the radical neocon ideologues. Fallon probably realized that any attack against Iran would ignite the whole region , destablize many other states and thereby begin a chain reaction. He was also aware of the military preparedness of Iran and the fact that the Iranian administration is very very different from Sadam or the Taliban. In any case I told Aljazeera that when these things come up before national elections they negatively influence the democratic processes in our country. If America is true in its claim to support democracy and freedom in the world it should change its antagonistic and arrogant approach on Iran, since that approach has made things more difficult for the democratic movement in Iran.


Anonymous said...

you know that this was not a democratic election. why you do not speak up. have no fear.

Anonymous said...

'If America is true in its claim to support democracy and freedom in the world '

US has no interest in bringing freedom and democracy anyhwere. This is pure cant.
What US is interested in is controlling nations, by way of military occupation or funding opposition parties etc.