Monday, September 1, 2008

Guests of Ramazan

Muslims are guests of God's feast during this month. Fasting is a change of habits, a change of attitudes and behaviours. Its not only to refrain from eating and drinking but more important is to refrain from lies and deception. Ramazan is about forgetting yourself and remembering the pains and sufferings of your brothers and sisters. It is an opportunity for flight from the material nets of the world to the realm of the spirit. In today's world where the restless mind and wandering spirit rob us from our inner peace , we need to search for that peace within our inner selves and Ramazan is a unique opportunity .


Lukas said...

!رمضان كريم

Anonymous said...

dr. ebtekar joon, please write something about Etemad Melli's pick for presidency (Karroubi), b/c i have some stuff to say about it, but i'm waiting for your post so that i can comment! :-) thanks!