Wednesday, October 22, 2008

New Links for the IUCN Congress

There are some new links to the Spirituality Dialogues Session in the IUCN Congress in Barcelona. I would like to share them :


Anna said...

Hi again!
I just read your other blog (in Persian language), and when I saw the title of it, I thought it was gonna be about Dr. Zarif! :-) He's one of those "Unsung Heros" that Iranian people inside Iran (who may not be aware of the importance of his service to his country) NEED to learn about! Let's not just honor those who have given their lives and are gone already, but let's honor those who are still alive and spending their every waking moment in service to their people!
Long Live Dr. Zarif!

p.s. sorry if i'm starting to sound like a groupie! i'm NOT, promise!

Anonymous said...

Now, this is certainly NOT from the Neocons in New York Times, it's from Washington Post and it talks about a REAL bipartisan consensus:

It's high time now that the fundamentalist radical extremists of IRI get their hands cut, in the interest of not only Iranian people's survival and Iran's sovereignty, but also to save the region!!!! It all depends on whether the clerical regime is more interested in keeping the radical voices of the likes of Ahmadinejad and his Ayatollah supporters alive and allowing them to spread hatred and animosity toward non-Shiite "infidels", OR if it really and TRULY is dedicated more to promoting the reputation of Prophet Mohammed's Islam and helping to show the West-struck, non-democratic rulers of its neighbors that the Golden Age of Islam can once again be achieved through cooperation and friendship and unity among the nations of the region and by leading them culturally once again as our Persian-speaking Ghazzali and Ibn-Sina and Mowlana and Khayyam and Attar and ... had once done!
Iran needs to silence the voices of extremism that shouts the loudest and gained its prominence after the Reagan era of worldwide Neoconservatism, and realize that their backstage supporters have changed their policies and are NO LONGER interested in keeping the status quo for Israel by keeping the Sunnis and Shiites afraid of one another, they (the Neoconservatives) are now defeated and a true Democratic leader reminiscent of John F. Kennedy is coming to REALLY close up all shops for terrorists and Islamic extremists that were propped up over the past 30 years with the help of Reagan's foot soldiers in that region! Time to say goodbye to angry Bassijis who are so used to shouting "Death to America", and it's Hello time to the rest of the 99% Iranians who are peaceful and have NO hate in their hearts for anybody!!!!
Dr. Ebtekar, tell your less progressive and anti-liberal rivals on the other side of the Reform movement that they should just be happy and feel proud of the fact that their backing for the "Palestinian Resistance" got the world powers to the point where Jimmy Carter comes out and writes a book about Israeli Apartheid! They (i.e., Ayatollah Khamenei and his friends) should claim credit for such a huge achievement, and leave it at that, because for them to push that "Resistance" any further will only lead to a WW-III and a reversal of everything they think they have achieved for the Muslims! The reputation and very dignity of Islam is in jeopardy if they try to get "more catholic than the Pope"!!! (kasseye dagh tar az ash)

do post this comment please!

Anonymous said...

dr. ebtekar? the reason u didnt post the other one, is it b/c what i suggested is actually going to happen???? i hope so!!!! the thing i said about pro-democracy students marching peacefully on 13-Aban and demanding respect from the world powers? is it actually something that's coming up???? i really really hope u all, i.e., secularist pro-Ebadi, reformist pro-Khatami, kargozaran pro-Rafsanjani, moderate osulgara pro-larijani, and every PEACEFUL organization of non-extremist students (non-chadori, non-angry bassiji) will do this PEACEFUL march on 13-Aban, b/c it can really help Obama blow that last minute October Surprise on McCain and his racist, fascist, anti-Muslim supporters when they see a civilized peaceful march by non-extremist-looking, moderate, ordinary Muslim students in Iran, on the anniversary of the American Embassy sieze, demanding a reconciliation with the American people and a respectful dialogue to solve the nuclear crisis! it will definitely give Obama the advantage he needs, and of course it will show the image we all want Iran to have in the world!
dorood bar rooze daneshjoo! i suddenly remembered this "sorood" we used to sing on this day:

sizdah-e Aban rooze nang-e digari baraaye to ...
sarnegoon konad shaheed-e daaneshgahi banaaye to ...
har shaheed jaan dahad, jaan be imaan dahad, koshtanash cheraagh-e rah ast, ...
raah-e oo raah-e maast, shiveye anbiyaast, vaz peyash nassron menallah ast, vaz peyash nassron menallah ast, ...
baa sorood-e laa elaaha ellallah, miravim be raahe paake roohollah, baa soroode laa elaaha ellallah miravim be raahe paake roohollah!

(i was the head of the "sorood" group at my school all through my middle-school years when i was a hezbollahi and a member of the school's anjoman esslami)!

yadesh be kheir!