Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Savior and the Green Movement

There is no question that the string of events that we have seen during and after the tenth round of Presidential elections have permanently changed the trends of the Islamic Revolution. A major rift among the followers and devotees of the Revolution has now occurred. The biased election officials and regulatory bodies have not been able to convince the three rivals of Mr. Ahmadinejad or their large body of followers of the integrity of these Presidential elections.

People believe today that the voting process was rigged and that fraud and deceit in the system has seriously damaged the dignity of the Islamic Republic. In addition, the violent and illegal behaviour of militia and security forces with people demonstrating in the cities, and the irresponsible and inhumane behaviour they have had with the detainees has created many questions. Their actions have led to injury and death for citizens who only demanded a response to their questions on the elections and this has shocked the sincere believers and followers of the Revolution. The only response they have heard, has been allegations of a velvet revolution and foreign conspiracy displayed recently in a large trial of dozens of reformist leaders. Last week former Vice President Abtahi and political activist and journalist Atrianfar made obscure televised confessions in a very awkward manner clearly indicating the pressures they faced in prison. Abtahi who had lost over 20 kilos during 40 days of detainment was evidently under duress. No one on the street believed what they said about taking back their claims on election fraud and denouncing Mousavi. During the last week many leading religious authorities ( Marjaa) denounced the value of confessions under pressure. Pressures from the people has forced officials to announce the closure of an unofficial detainment facility as well as indictment of the perpetrators of assaults against detainees.

In the mist of these events and ongoing street protests, the legitimacy of the government( which is now endorsed and inaugurated) and the confidence of the people has eroded significantly. This is the ethical crisis that the Islamic Republic faces today; three decades after its inception.
Tomorrow we celebrate the birthday of the twelfth Imam ( descendant of the Prophet) who is currently in occultation. He is the Saviour who will appear to bring justice and peace for the world. The philosophy of awaiting the appearance of the Saviour is an integral theme in Shia teachings. Awaiting the Savior is an indication of protest against the status quo and dissatisfaction with existing trends. It is a message to current world leaders that their efforts have not made the world a safer place but that war and armed conflict of people against people and against nature is still taking its toll. The Islamic Revolution has been closely affiliated to the belief in the reappearance of the Savior and today it is clear that due to the serious challenges and crisis that it faces , we need to pray more than ever before for the Saviour to come and take affairs in his divine hands.
The Green Movement feels that it needs to believe and pray for the Saviour to come and change the current conditions of mistrust, insecurity and legitimacy crisis.


Anonymous said..., Part I, Part II

Confessions of Political Hit Men? or Coerced Confessions under Pressure?

Where will the reform movement go?

The false Claim of Fraud in 2009 election , was like a knife into the heart of reform movement because it was not truthful.
It brought the reformist movement under the scrutiny of the government.
It also brought the country close to further UN economic sanctions in this dire economic times. The poor people of Iran has to pay the ultimate price.

I suggest that the reform movement has to the following:

1) Reformists need to put a more centrist ticket together for 2013:

Dr. Reza Aref (Stanford Grad), Presidential Candidate, First VP under Khatami

Dr. Masoumeh Ebtekar, VP candidate, VP under Khatami

Dr. Javad Zarif, Foreign Minster Candidate

(or a combination there of).

The good news for reformist is that the conservatives do not have a 2013 presidential candidate who can unify them in 2013.

2) For 2013, Articulate five campaign issues that you want your candidate to run on !!

One of the issues must be: that the reform movement candidate will continue with Ahmadinejad's decentralization program (or the village reconstruction program).
This program brought many votes for him.

Please remember that 33% of eligible voters live in the villages and small towns with population under 8,000.

If you wan to win, you should not hand over this bloc of voters to the conservatives. Do not ignore the villagers and illiterates. Because at the end of the day, their votes will count equal to the vote of a Tehrani or Tabrizi or Ahwazi....

3) Come up with $50 Million for campaign finances for the above ticket.

4) Do not solicit money from Rafsenjani. Because Rafsenjani's support is a kiss of death to any candidate.

Note: Please face the realities apart from emotions. There is a science in politics, that is why they call it "political science."
Remove you emotions from the scene. There is no such term as "political emotion". Emotions do not win votes. For example,
One must investigate why some 7 Million lower middle class who voted for Khatami in 2001, switched their votes in favor of Ahmadinejad in 2009.
You need to find and define an answer(s) to their issues.

My two cents,

Anonymous said...

Not that what I read here is so logically controversial that compels me to respond, but 1979 revolution went astray just with some power greedy exploiters having similar views to the ones expressed here.
Wake up, the "savior" is the people,
and believe me, no one is naive enough to sit home praying for this "savior" to show up, we leave that to you.