Monday, August 23, 2010

Virtual Migration

 Although we are witnessing the globalization trend worldwide, but this has not resulted in a denial of national identity and nationalist sentiments. In fact globalization has enabled nations to appreciate their culture and national heritage . It has also created concerns for those who fear that this trend will result in the monopoly of a certain culture at the expense of marginalizing other indigenous cultures. However, inspite of their roots and attachments many have decided to migrate, either in pursuit of better circumstances of life and work or due to the pressures and limitations on basic freedoms. Many developing countries have experienced the "Brain Drain" during the recent decades. Unfortunately Iran has topped global statistics in some years. The exodus of well educated and in many cases wealthy Iranians has been more significant during the recent years. Many feel reluctant but have no other choice other than to move ahead.
In a similar context in the web, virtual hosts and service providers have created cities  for bloggers .These hosts may have a national or international identity. For the past years I was a member of Persianblog. I had a  Persian weblog Greenebtekar on which I wrote 431 posts and received thousands of comments. A few months ago I was filtered by the Government and ultimately my Farsi blog was shut down. I presented my defense to authorities indicating that I had not broken any laws or crossed any lines. As a child of the Islamic Revolution, I sincerely believed in freedom of speech  and believe that Islam is a religion of tolerance and dignity.
I had no choice but  to migrate from an Iranian host Persianblog to an international host and new address on blogspot:    .
I hope I can continue to write for my Iranian fellow country men and women, and for my own heart.                                                                               

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Anonymous said...

Dear Persian Paradox,

Best wishes for continued success with your Persian blog. Even though it has moved elsewhere, people will follow what is worthwhile.