Saturday, June 4, 2011

Imam and the Realities of Today

32 years have passed since Imam led the most significant event of his age i.e., the Islamic Revolution. Imam Khomeini had set the stage for a return of Islam to the center stage of politics. He set new  standards for governance and politics in the religious realm.  His theory of the rule of the jurisprudence and the religious democracy were novel political frameworks which were implemented and embodied in the Islamic Republic of Iran. Today, Iran has taken significant strides in many areas, the indicators of economic and social development all point to a rapid pace of advancement. This trend has however had its fluctuations and has not always been upwards.
 Now, for the past 6 years an Administration has come into power led by Mr. Ahmadinejad . His supporters  initially claimed that he was the miracle of this millennium ; his populist policies and his bizarre behavior was tolerated by other Principalist leaders on the pretext that they needed him for a comeback to power.  He has befriended many of his allies for various reasons during these years and today many have come to the same conclusion that reformists made in their initial encounters with his behavior and mentality. Now it seems the time has arrived for the moderate conservatives to see the reality in a different light.
Some believe that the angle created with the views of Imam during these recent years is more serious than all the contradictory policies practiced during those 27 years before. The reality is that while much has been achieved from those initial objectives of the Revolution, the ethical challenges of these recent years and the dangers that lie  ahead  have overshadowed the future. These are difficult challenges and tests for the nation and the Revolution. 

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