Monday, August 1, 2011

Ramazan Once Again

Muslims enter a one month period of fasting today. Ramazan is a lunar month during which Muslims abstain from the worldly enjoyments and adhere to moral codes meaning refraining from lies, deceit and fraud. Ramazan literally means burning, implying that the impurities and sins burn  out . Fasting is a change in the monotonous ways of life. It is a new lifestyle in which the spiritual dimensions are just as important as the material dimensions. Ramazan is an uprising against the consumerist lifestyle that has permeated our lives, it is a return to human and spiritual values. During this month the Holy Quran is read with contemplation and thought. This provides an opportunity to think about some of the basic issues which are forgotten in the current modern age.

The hunger which we experience in Ramazan should enable us to understand the pains and sufferings of  the impoverished and downtrodden . The ongoing tragedy and famine in Somalia is one case which requires more attention from Islamic societies. Islamic governments like Iran should take more serious measures to address the sufferings of Muslim nations, not only  in the context of political interests but also in the context of our humanitarian commitments.