Saturday, December 3, 2011

Tehran's Uncertain but Radical Diplomacy

During the past week, after a group of radical youth attacked the British Embassy and Gholhak residence in Tehran, many reactions have occurred. Diplomatic missions have left host countries on both sides and rhetoric in condemnation and support of the action has not subsided. The majority of political observers have questioned the intentions behind the action and even some conservative and pro-government groups seem to have condemned the act. The stark reality is that Principalists who are wielding absolute power in Iran, are responsible for all the events taking place at both internal and external levels. The financial scandals and rising inflation on one side, the unlawful policies taken  and the ongoing pressures on Reformists and critiques on the other, all point to the incompetence of the Principalists in managing the affairs of the country. The two rival factions of Principalists, as a result of  their serious internal disputes, have created many setbacks in the economy. Some believe they are resorting to taking the internal disputes to a new diplomatic and international level.

The majority of Iranians hope that rational policies will replace the current decisions and that the international community will prevent any radical decision against Iran. Sanctions and economic pressures are taking their toll, initially on the private sector and the people . Even the threat of harsher action or a military strike will play into the hands of the radical forces and create more difficult conditions for the people and opposition groups like the Reformists.
Even the threat of war should not be tolerated at a time that we are still witnessing the crimes against humanity in Afghanistan and Pakistan in the name of NATO and international coalitions.  Where has war created more security and happiness? Afghanistan, Iraq, and Palestine are all paying a heavy price due to years of war and violence resulting from occupation and oppression.  Libya has suffered much from the aerial attacks of NATO even though these attacks resulted in the removal of a dictator. Neocons and radicals in the US and the Zionist lobby are pressing for war against Iran once again ,since they feel threatened by the influence of a strong and reasonable Iran.
Let us hope that the American people will remind Obama that they voted for him since they were weary of the war mongering Bush and his neocon entourage . Now what is to be done if Obama proceeds in those very steps towards a new war and aggression? His analysts and advisors need to inform him that Iran is now very different from any country that has been attacked in contemporary history. He also needs to be informed that Iran has not attacked nor initiated war against any nation in the past 750 years , more than three times of US history.
Another piece of advice that Obama needs is that Israel does not look to secure US interests in the region. Instead it supports creating more havoc to find room for its aggressive policies in face of the Arab Spring and Islamists coming to power in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya through a democratic process which might undermine Western hegemony.
European countries like Britain should display more restraint and revisit their one sided policies against Iran, the majority of British voters who condemned the militaristic actions of Blair will not side with  a war mongering Cameron either. He better also see the wider picture and change tone and attitude towards Iran. On an internal note I hope that pressures on Reformists will diminish so that we could witness a strong turn out for the up coming elections.

 Time to hope and pray for better prospects on all said above.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for these reflections. I don't think you should be concerned about Obama starting a new war, but about threat of war if one of his Republican rivals defeats him next year. These individuals have all endorsed a very hard line that I fear will lead to more suffering. The irony is that their views are mirrored in those of your Principalists.