Friday, January 27, 2012

Fever of Tensions

The fever of tensions between Iran and the US has been on the rise with the West imposing sanctions meant to cripple the Iranian economy and using  harsh rhetoric on possible military assaults as a means to force Iran to compromise on its nuclear program. Many analysts believe however, that the image is more complicated than presumed. Obama reiterated that "all options with respect to Iran are on the table" phrase in his State of the Union address this week to appease the  Republicans, while he also mentioned negotiations as the main strategy ahead. Americans have emphasized on a carrot and stick approach in dealing with Iran while in reality, they have   pushed a supremacist attitude, attempting to scare off Iran. Americans have spent millions of dollars to upgrade this campaign in the Persian Gulf and in support of Israel's strategies against Iran according to this wikileaks cable. This 2007 US Embassy cable published by Wikileaks   describes the minutes of a meeting between US undersecretary Burns and Meir Dagan, Israeli  Mossad Chief. The cable refers to a 30 billion dollar aid and a security MOU with Israel which is applauded and a Gulf Security Dialogue initiative which is referred to as important for promoting anti Iran sentiments in the region. Dagan outlines a 5 pillar strategy against Iran including , political approach, covert measures, counterproliferation, sanctions and force regime change. The Zionist regime which has been the reason for instability, violence, and armed conflict in the region and many parts of the world and which has not abided to international agreements such as the IAEA or the NPT now poses as the vanguard of peace !  Last week in Davos, during the WEF, the Israeli President has stated that Iran is the greatest threat to peace in the middle east. We have  a saying in Farsi " He holds his hand forward : makes ridiculous claims, so that he does not fall back ; so that he can hide his loss". 
This Wikileaks cable has much to say about the reality of American foreign policy and Israel's hypocritical nature. It is a necessary reading for all those who wish to be informed about the truth concerning the current pressures and threats against Iran.
Most important is that, as a member of the Reformist movement, I continue to believe that American foreign policy in this region has nothing to do with peace, human rights or democracy. Their double standards and abusive policies in using such issues to spearhead  American interests in the region and to strengthen Israeli positions are well known for all. While Reformists strongly criticize the current Ahmadinejad government and its ongoing policies of pressures on rivals and opponents, they also do not identify themselves with American and western foes who only seek their interests in the region. Reformists have stood on their principles and are under pressure from all directions for this independent position.  Reform will bring about change in the Iranian society sooner or later and this will enhance democratic values and a return to the authentic values of the Islamic Revolution. This however, will not create favorable grounds for American interference and Israeli gains. Contrary to the false allegations of the current government and contrary to the false claims of foreign powers who think they can use the opposition to forward their agenda, the Reform movement has no foreign strings attached and when it comes to issues of national integrity they stand united against foreign aggression or interference. Even though the foreign policy tactics and inefficient diplomacy of this era is seriously questioned by many politicians on both sides of the table.
Obama came with a promise to change the despicable American foreign policy promoted by the Bush administration, the policies which had created flames of  hatred within and out of the US. Four years later, the pressure from the powerful zionist lobbies and the mighty oil and military cartels and the influential media moguls has all caved in to formulate a policy for Obama ,leading to something very similar to that of Bush and his entourage.
This is a sign  for all to understand that Democrat or Republican , Bush or Obama - when it comes to imperialist- zionist interests; there is little difference among them.  I would sincerely  urge Obama to make a righteous decision  for the future and  to stand for peace and stability in the world, not  for war and hatred.

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Pitocco said...

I have one question on wikileaks.
Are you sure that these words are the true? Could wikileaks writinting one thing and making it as the goal meanwhile the true is covered?

I don't believe that wikileaks is the right way to support Iran. Many forces are going to upside-down the actual regime. In some blogs is written that wikileaks is guided by mossad...