Monday, March 19, 2012


Nowruz literally meaning "new day" is the most precise timing for the commencement of  spring according to the solar calendar. The Iranian new year coincides with the Equinox and the true shift in the earth's axis which leads to a change in climate and season. Nowruz is celebrated in many Central Asian countries where festivities continue for weeks.  As nature welcomes change and new life, Nowruz is the time for a revival of spirit and body. After weeks of Khanetakani or major housekeeping efforts, Iranians prepare a table of specialties beginning with S, or Haft Sin. Nowruz is a time for friendship and forgiveness, it is a time for cherishing the blessings of life and nature.
Iranians and many other nations who enjoy the Persian culture and civilization celebrate Nowruz , for this reason the UN has designated this day as an international celebration. We are celebrating Nowruz in difficult political and international times this year but Iranians worldwide pray and hope for peace and prosperity for all peoples in the world. Nowruz carries a message of the great Persian civilization and culture that has delivered great achievements for humanity and is a symbol of human dignity, freedom and greatness.

I hope that Nowruz will bring about change in the antagonism certain governments promote against Iran and help them to realize that Iranians are a peace loving nation, yet they are determined to protect their dignity and independence. I hope that in the coming year pressures and sanctions against Iran would subside and internal conditions would improve as a result.

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