Saturday, May 26, 2012

Birthday Celebration in Pristina

I received an email today from a women's NGO in Kosovo . The director of the Nisa Organization was by chance our guest in Tehran, a few months ago. Based in Pristina, Kosovo's capital, they have stated their objective as: "To spread the practice and knowledge of Islam, and to raise the consciousness of our population comparing the similarity of Islam and our Albanian traditions" . These women are from a generation of Muslim Europeans who are seeking to revive their Islamic identity and culture. They have faced the terrible ordeal of racial discrimination at the hands of the Serbs and the difficult years of war and devastation. They are now back to normal life seeking to promote an Islamic lifestyle in Europe.1..JPG

The Nisa members  have celebrated the birthday of the daughter of the Prophet , Fatima Zahra in Pristina. Fatima is considered as a role model for Muslims worldwide and her life and sayings constitute a road map for all humanity.


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haani said...

hi....i am masodulhassan
i read about your concern about women in Serbs....really they faced so much problems and hardness in their lives and still facing problems...but hope with these kinds of efforts inshALLAH they will get rid of all problems in their lives...always have this desire that one day Muslims will stand together and will do mutual efforts against the forces who are not letting Muslims together on one platform to do the best for their mutual benefits....