Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Appointment

The Prophet of Islam was appointed today on Mabaas the 27th of Rajab to promote the message of the Revelation.  According to the Holy Quran, Mohammad (SA) is a good example for all( Sura Ahzab 21). He has said : " I have been appointed to complete the best morals". He loves humanity and his life is full of sacrifices for the betterment of mankind.   Yet he is also human and a messenger for all times (Sura Asra 92-93). As Muslims we can name ourselves followers only when we take him as an example in our lifestyle, in our ways and in our words. This requires that we take the Prophet   as a role model, and that we understand his Mission and the teachings of the Quran. The question that arises today is that how can the personality traits of the Prophet and his ways and deeds be applicable to our lifestyles in the 21st century. Islamic scholars and Ulema have divergent views on this matter.
The more conservative and traditional Ulema stipulate that believers should follow and obey the teachings and lifestyle of the Prophet, as it was 14 centuries ago. The progressive scholars believe that Muslims should find the similarities between the lifestyle and manners of the Prophet and seek to implement them. The more modern intellectuals believe that while adhering to the principles and strategies Muslims may improvise to meet the requirements of modern times.
The sublime ethical and spiritual personality of the Prophet along with his sympathy for the oppressed and downtrodden and his support for those suffering from spiritual and material afflictions as well as his love for all humanity all set him in the apex of human history.
He serves as a beacon of hope for the wandering ship of humanity, guiding this wrecked ship to the shores of salvation and bliss.

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