Wednesday, November 21, 2012

For Gaza

More than 120 civilians including mostly children and women are now dead after more than a week of rocket exchanges between Gaza and Israel. Israel has occupied Palestinian land since 1948 and is now annexing whatever it can by building new settlements in disputed territories. For several years Israel pursued a policy of targeting Palestinian leaders by unmanned drones or rockets. The residents of Gaza decided to defend themselves and retaliate by also sending rockets into Israel. Even though Israel has claimed that their Iron Dome anti missile system is effective, dozens of Palestinian rockets have penetrated Israeli airspace during the past week. The aggressors are now more than ever under fire for their inhuman and brutal attack on civilian populations in the defenseless Gazan population. A glance at not only Muslim media but European and American newspapers indicates that public opinion is heavily against Israel aggression. A family of 9 members including several children were killed only yesterday. This has mobilized both Arab and Islamic countries to take a strong and unprecedented position against Israel.
For the UN and related bodies it must be said that the most initial and essential mission of this body is to "safeguard peace on earth"  not to play as an intermediary   between powerful governments and politicians. People still look forward to see this role for Gaza in the UN bodies.
Now, that President Obama is securely reelected to the White House he must remember that he is complicit in the crimes of the Zionist regime. He must remember that he vowed to change the negative and militaristic foreign policy image of the Bush era and that he vowed to cherish human life and dignity in the world.
For the Muslim world, it is upon them to defend themselves their homes and their families. Remember that as the Holy Quran states "Believers are brothers.."( Sura Hujjarat,10) and as humans they are common in their creation.."We created you man and woman..(Sura Hujjarat 13) .

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