Thursday, January 2, 2014

Tree planting with Christians in Iran

The Ararat Club is a large sports and cultural foundation dating to over 7 decades ago. Armenians who  founded the Club in Tehran, manged to allocate an excellent location several years later. Armenians are the major Christian minority residing for centuries in Iran. On the occaision of Christmas and the New Year I was invited last week, to plant a tree and speak at the Club . Hundreds had attended.    We planted the tree in the campus and went back to the hall for the ceremony. "We are planting a tree of peace and friendship for the world, as opposed to enmity and hatred, we hope for peace with nature in 2014 as well." I said in my speech. I continued, "For centuries Christians and other minorities have lived in peace and frienship in Iran and I hope those ties of friendship will remain for ever."

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