Friday, March 28, 2014

Golestan in Nowroz

Golestan province is located in the north of Iran close to the border of Turkemenistan and also the Caspian sea. This province has a unique climatic and ethnic diversity. Gomishan International Wetland, Alagol, Almagol and Agigol wetlands are among the beautiful sites for hundreds of thousands of migratory birds that arrive each year. Golestan National Park is also one of the most important reservoirs of biodiversity, including pristine natural forests which are "relic" due to their historical significance. Turkemens are one of our important ethnic populations who have more or less preserved their traditional lifestyles.Their traditional attire, arts and handicrafts as well as their talent in breeding horses in this region all indicate how appropriately they have preserved their culture. I visited Golestan during Nowroz vacations, and had the chance to meet our DOE Rangers in our protected, areas and most important two of them who were seriously injured last month by a group of illegal poachers in our protected areas. Although I had visited Golestan several times before but again we visited places we had not seen before and awsome scenery that reflected the magnificent powers of the wilderness. I hope to make serious efforts in collaboration with local authorities and people to protect and wisely manage the natural resources and biodiversity of Iran.

Kalaleh, Gorgan River
Kahkeshan Heights , Border of Shahrood

Almagol Wetland

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Anonymous said...

Dear Ms. Ebtekar,
Aside from the beautiful nature of our country, we have a beautiful wildlife. Animals are the innocent creatures of God and unfortunately are being abused in many parts of our country by so called "human beings". Recently articles are going around the internet regarding abuse. A bear in Borasan in Zahedan, and two other bears in Semnan who are being badly abused, are among these very sad examples. Please, and please look into these situations and stop these heartbreaking abuses. Regards