Saturday, August 15, 2015

Global Day of Peace for Iran

Over 70 US cities have pledged to take part in a ceremony to support the nuclear deal with Iran. The opponent of the deal mainly the Hawks and Zionist lobbies see their interest in continuing tensions with Iran ultimately leading to a full escalation of war. That would give them more chances to sell their weapons and to dominate over the region. The Amercan people live in relative prosperity but they shuold know that this prosperity is attained at the price of war and suffering for many on earth.They need to realize that they are complicit in what their government does in other parts of the world. Time for indifference and carefreeness has elapsed, the young American generation must now choose between peace or war.The Iran nuclear deal has a message of mutual respect,peace and coexistence for all irrespective of our beliefs,cultures,nationalities or race,it builds upon our shared humanity, the dignity that every human being deserves. I pray and hope that goodness and peace will overcome.

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