Sunday, April 19, 2009

Female Presidental Candidtates

"Women can stand for the presidential race and the Council of Guardians will not exclude them on the basis of gender nor will they interpret the term : Rejal." This statement was proclaimed by the Spokesperson of the Council of Guardians on Saturday last week. The term rejal (meaning personality) was inserted in a phrase concerning presidential elections, by the legislators of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran in 1979, to replace the condition of masculinity for presidential candidates.
A few hours after this announcement a rumour was floating among news and internet sites announcing the imminent candidacy of Massoumeh Ebtekar as a presidential hopeful. I was informed of new of my imminent candidacy during a meeting in the Tehran City Council ! This had happened several times before as well and I had denied the rumours each time. This time however circumstances had changed and I decided to take a serious look at the issue and the conditions surrounding my possible candidacy. The approval of the Council of Guardians of a woman for the first time would pave way for the presence of women at higher levels of decision making.It could also create much hope and motivation for young women, girls and youth in general since it would be a symbol of change and progress. It could initiate a movement to remove glass ceilings and backward interpretations concerning women and youth. I believe, however that women have much to say in the management of affairs; in the economic, social, and political dimensions. "I will decide about my candidacy shortly", I have responded in the many different interviews I had to perform this week. In all cases I stressed that I did not plan to break the unity of the Reformists since I believe that "constructive change" is the most essential requirement of these times.


Black Chador said...

Why not? I think you and many other Iranian women should participate. I think it is your responsibility as well as any Iranian woman responsibility to at least make an attempt at this chance. I hope Dr. Ebadi also join the Reformer candidates. Iran has far more viable female candidates than male candidates and all know that the next president will be voted in by young Iranian women votes.

Black Chador said...

I spend my Sunday mornings watching political shows. I always start with George Stephanopoulos show “This week”.
Yesterday guest was Ahmadinejad. When George asked him about his speech at U.N. Racism Conference and his racial remark about Israel, Ahmadinejad talked about his right to “Free Speech”. I had to stop myself from vomiting. If there is someone who should not have “Freedom of Speech” in this world it should be Ahmadinejad, why? Because then he could understand the frustration of Iranian bloggers and journalists getting harassed by his regime. Ahmadinejad believes in “Freedom of Speech” as much as the “Dear Leader" of North Korea Kim Jong-Il.
Unfortunately George did not ask about Roxana Saberi or Zahra Kazemi or Omidreza Mirsayafi and their Right to Free Speech. What would Ahmadinejad answered if he was asked about Iranians Freedom of Speech or Iranian journalist Right to Freedom of Expression which was promised to Iranian people by Khomeini before he came back to Iran from France.
It is a sad day when Iran and its regime get compared to North Korea. Iranians are not like North Koreans as far as I remember. Iranians are smart, courageous and freedom loving people so what happened to them during these past 30 years? Why aren’t they pour into the street and shout “we want what Ahmadinejad wanted in U.N. Racism Conference” “we want Freedom of Speech that he talked about on American TV program”.
Click here and hear it from Ahmadinejad himself.