Friday, April 10, 2009

A Love Story for Dialogue

While Romeo and Juliet stands as the epic of love in Western culture and literature, Leili and Majnoon is probably the Persian version, similar in some respects and very different in other. Written about 800 years ago by Nezami Gangavi , Leili and Majnoon is a magnificent example of eloquent poetry, depicting an eternal love between two mortals. In Iranian culture this love is an example of divine love, love for the truth and for the Creator. It goes that when Majnoon was injured he became restless and started crying . The people told him but you have always been so patient and persevering in your love for Leili, then why are you now so intolerant. " This is for the love of Leili, my love for her has filled my soul, so when I feel pain I fear that she is experiencing the pain as well." This is the epitome of love. A total transformation occurs in the true lover , hence becoming more similar to the beloved. When the beloved carries the most sublime qualities of knowledge , power, mercy, beauty and compassion then the lover can also hope to come close to those qualities. This narration depicts the essence of love. Persian culture and Iranians today are still strongly bound to these values and beliefs. In dealing with Iran, particularly during the past decades, when the Islamic Revolution has initiated a revival of these spiritual values, the West has not been able to appreciate and grasp the importance of these mores in understanding the mentality of Iranians.
The philosophy and concept of 'Dialogue Among Civilizations' is probably most instrumental in bringing about that profound understanding that could assist to heal the scars and mend ties.


Black Chador said...

I hope Mr. Mousavi understands one important fact while he is running his election campaign this year. He has to understand that Iranian women will rather have Ahmadinejad than someone who will give them a halfass freedom. Why would I say that? Because they know Ahmadinejad and they know Ahmadinejad has weaken the Conservatives and the Radicals groups in Iranian government. If Mr. Mousavi gets elected and decide that his governing orders has to come from Khamenei office and Basij Head Quarter then he will do more damage to Reformist progress than good.

Anonymous said...

"Leili and Majnoon is probably the Persian version"--Leili and Manjoon were Arabs!!!