Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Grapes of Shahrivar

Now four years after I left government office and returned to my academic work ( and of course the City Council), my memoirs as the first woman Vice-President in the Islamic Republic of Iran will be published tomorrow. I had much enthusiasm and energy to remember the details of the events of those 8 years and to bring them on paper. The editing and organization of the work took longer, and finally the book is out . A ceremony will be held in Baran Organization which is the NGO established by President Khatami to collect , assess and analyse the management experiences of his government. I will introduce the book to a group of reporters and guests and answer their questions. I am not sure whether issues concerning the elections will surface or not, we can wait and see. The book is entitled "The Grapes of Shahrivar".Shahrivar is the sixth month in the Persian calendar. Its in Farsi for now , but who knows, I might get bored one day and decide to write another memoir in English. Destiny has its twists and turns .


Jack the Reporter said...

Good for you Dr Ebtekar! We are waiting for your English memoirs.

lotf ali said...

Perhaps you could publish an English excerpt here. That would be great.