Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Anti Iran Measures and Rhetoric on the Rise

The Obama administration and Congress moved  Tuesday to tighten the economic sanctions on Iran, betting that additional pressure  will force Iranian officials to accept a compromise to curb their nuclear activities. The American Secretary of Defense joined Israeli officials in their propaganda campaign on branding Iran as a global security threat and stressing that they will not tolerate an Iran armed with nuclear weapons. Americans know well based on their intelligence sources and analysts and based on the National Strategic Report published in 2010 that Iran is not pursuing a nuclear weapon. They also have acknowledged the fact that the Iranian regime is firmly set to protect Iranian interests and to protect the independence and dignity of Iran.  Now that the cold war is over , the Al-Qaida terror war is dwindling , American war mongers need a new pretext to start a new war . War mongers need to create an atmosphere of war every 6-7 years in a particular region in the world to sell American arms and to invigorate the American economy with fresh blood.  The recent sales of billions of dollars of arms to Persian Gulf states including Qatar and Kuwait under the guise of enabling them to protect the waterways is part of this strategy.Last week, Mitt Romney, the Republican presidential candidate, used very harsh rhetoric and explicit threats against Iran to upscale the anti Iran atmosphere in the region. It seems that in the absence of any outright opposition from their people, these Arab governments have sold out their national interests to that of Israel and the US.   While Israel and the US are both an actual threat to the region and have attacked countries in this areas, they have joined forces with allies  to focus not on the actual threats but on Iran. The US and Russia do have thousands of nuclear warheads, Israel, North Korea, India, Pakistan and some other countries do have nuclear bombs. Iran does not have a nuclear weapon , during the past 750 years of history Iran has not attacked or occupied any other nation in contrast to the shocking score card of the US and Israel during the past half century.  
However, coincidentally Iran has access to the worlds 3rd largest supply of oil and second largest supply of natural gas. Iran benefits from a strategic geopolitical position in the region and has vast influence in Iraq, Afghanistan,Turkey, UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Azerbaijan, Armenia,Yemen,Tajikistan, Syria, Lebanon and even Pakistan. Iran has served its neighbors and has brought a sense of self sufficiency and dignity for peoples of the region. The current Iranian government has many shortcomings and  is facing much criticism for its radical and unlawful behavior, however when the issue of unjust pressures and foreign threats surface, the Iranian society and the political fabric of Iran becomes unified in their resolve to resist and prevent any aggression on Iranian soil. Even political prisoners now in confinement have announced their opposition to any militaristic approach against Iran. 
Has not the time arrived that peace activists across the globe unite once again to condemn the preparatory measure that Israel and the US are taking to confront the fantasy of a nuclear Iran and create a new war in this already war stricken region? Is it not about time that people in the US and Europe stand up in face of their governments to recognize the rights of a nation to stand against foreign pressures and instigation ?


Unknown said...


Do not compare Americans to Nazis. We are not Nazis.

I just wanted to say - shame on you and the country of Iran for the takeover of the US Embassy! I don't care if it was 30+ years ago. It was wrong and an act of war. You had no right to storm the embassy and take the employees hostage. You can say what you wish about the Shah being installed and propped up by the United States and Great Britain, but it wasn't President Carter who installed the Shah, nor did the innocent embassy employees have anything to do with it - nothing at all! You used them as pawns and they were innocent. How would you like it if I attacked one of your country's embassies? Seems to me your country's embassy in London was attacked by your own people in 1980 - the DRFLA - and the British government did everything to ensure the safety of the hostages in that embassy. I don't know why they weren't just left to die, given the way your country treated our embassy and its staff, during the same time. But the whole thing was resolved in 6 days, whereas the it took 444 days to release our people in our embassy. Also, the number of attacks on diplomatic missions in the United States: 0! Diplomats are safe in the USA, the Great Satan, as you call us. I hope you rot in hell. You are a cruel dumb bitch who committed an act of war against the USA.

Unknown said...

I see you didn't post my angry comment.

Just for the record -

Number of attacks on diplomatic missions in Iran: 7

Number of attacks on diplomatic missions in the United States: 0

Jean said...

I have just stumbled upon your blog and find it so interesting to see the other side of the story, so to speak. As an American, I have been told and retold how evil Iran is and its people all wish death to Americans. Well, when they talk like the fellow who commented before me on August 11th, it's hard for me to blame the Iranian people if they didn't dislike Americans.

While I am American, I no longer live there and am happy to no longer be associated with the country except in the most minor of ways. In my travels all over the world, it seems to me that people are fundamentally the same no matter where you go and the majority of the world dislikes America and I can understand why.

In Mr. Unknown's childish rant about history from the last century, he naturally assumes that the quote you posted is comparing Americans to Nazis. Sadly, a lack of intelligence is rife in the US and a lack of critical thinking skills even moreso. I agree with your analysis that governments operate in such a way to get the general population to go along with whatever nefarious schemes of war and pillage they come up with. It's not just the US government that operates this way, but all governments. They use words to incite hate which they pass off as "patriotism". Iran, the US, the UK, Pakistan, etc.... name a government and they most likely operate this way.

Mr. Unknown carries on about the hostage situation in the 70s, but I wonder if he knows what the purpose of the hostage situation was? I doubt it. I wonder if he knows about the backroom deals Reagan was making with the hostage takers? I doubt it.

If we are to talk about acts of war, we need to look at how many times the US has attacked other countries compared to every other country on the planet. Which country is the only one to ACTUALLY use a weapon of mass destruction... TWICE?? The same country that has so many nuclear weapons to blow the entire world to pieces, but heaven forbid anyone else have nuclear power outside of their control. So which country can naturally be assumed to be the control freak bully?

I'd really like to know who appointed the US as the world's police that they seem so fond of espousing to be. Self appointment, I think. They delude themselves with the notion of being the keepers of freedom and peace, yet they are the biggest war mongers going.

I would like to see peace in my lifetime, but I know that is a dream.

Anonymous said...

When american people will begin to study the true history, the tradition and culture of every nation and every people that day will be the day where many of the american people will bit them hart to ask pardon for all they have done all over the world, just for money and power.

Unknown said...


You can say what you will about the USA, but the fact is, while the USA shouldn't regard itself as the world's policeman and has invaded other countries, there is no justification for attacking an embassy and taking its people hostage. Two wrongs don't make a right. You didn't address any of my points either - President Carter did not install the Shah, nor did he or the embassy employees have anything to do with the overthrow of Mossadegh, and what about Iran's own embassy in London being attacked (by other Iranians) during the same time? Only thing is, those Iranian diplomats in London only had to suffer for 6 days (instead of 444) because the United Kingdom was a responsible host country and protected all diplomats. You also don't address the fact that not one diplomatic mission in the United States has ever been attacked, while there have been seven such attacks in Iran. How would you feel if it were your family members inside that embassy? How did the Iranians feel about their family members inside their embassy in London, which the British government worked diligently to rescue? Every country with diplomatic missions is to act responsibly for the safety of the diplomats and any attack on an embassy is an act of war! Shame on anyone who condones this. There is no justification for this ever. I have walked by the Iranian mission to the United Nations in New York many times and am respectful of the people who work inside. Iranians in Tehran are apparently not the same.

Hate the USA if you want, but you have NO RIGHT to attack any diplomatic installation.