Friday, August 17, 2012

Quds, A Standing Symbol of Injustice

Iranians are celebrating the  Day of Quds today. What began in Iran as a proposal by Imam Khomeini to support the Palestinian cause is now an international campaign marked by worldwide rallies.

  Even though opposition groups in Iran do not agree with certain aspects of foreign policy, but  they have been united in condemning the crimes and oppression that Israel has inflicted upon the Palestinian nation. The problem is that since Iranian State media have taken a strong propaganda position on this matter and have not gone along with people in many issues, they feel that this issue is sometimes used as  a scapegoat in face of internal mismanagement and wrongdoings. Unlike others, I do not believe that we should remain indifferent now on an ongoing international crisis which is now linked to the future of the region and even our world.

In my international speeches,  in many international fora in the past, I have said that the unresolved issue of Palestine, the historical facts and the conditions of Palestinian people today, all point to the inability or the unwillingness of the international community, the UN Security Council and its apparatus to resolve the matter. Quds is a standing symbol of global mismanagement, a reminiscence of the double standards that govern today's world, a sign of continuing injustices that plague humanity . The plight of millions of displaced people , who are now living for more than 2 generations in refugee status in camps with very dire conditions is now easily dismissed in negotiations, the plight of millions living in siege in Gaza or the inhuman conditions of Apartheid in the West Bank are overlooked and forgotten.The Arabian Spring or Awakening has changed many equations on the ground but the unilateral support of the US for Israel has always tilted the balance in favor of the Zionists.

 I do not agree with some of the radical positions that certain politicians have taken , such as the denial of the holocaust . I do however agree with the question that why should the Muslim Palestinians who resided in Palestine for generations, why should they suffer for the crimes committed by the Germans in Europe?
The expansionist and racist stipulates of the Elders of Zion and the outrageous crimes committed in the name and by Zionist regimes are well known to the international community. More important today is the influence and dominion that Zionism has in American political and economic apparatus. I have spoken with many Americans who are now very fearful of the pivotal role that the Zionist lobby plays in American politics and the dreadful role that they play in manipulating American foreign and national security polity to serve the interests of the State of Israel first and above all. They are now using the upcoming elections in the US as a leverage to exert pressure on Obama and  get the US involved in a new war against Iran.
 The American public need to  realize that the prosperity and good life that they enjoy , is in part due to the sufferings that their government has inflicted upon many nations in the world . They need to understand that if they believe in the democratic nature of their political system then they are accomplices in the actions of their politicians and will be held accountable for the policies of their government .

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