Thursday, September 13, 2012

Beautiful Iran , Gahar Lake

Located at the crossroads of the Eur-Asian climates, Iran harbors one of the most diverse flora and fauna in the world. This great biodiversity has created unique attractions and beauties which have been left untouched mostly due to the relatively low number of tourists (in this case a blessing) as well as relative protection and remoteness in most cases. The Gahar Lake located in the Lorestan Province is one of these relatively untouched beauties.  Gahar is a diamond located in the heart of a protected mountainous area.

The Department of Environment is charged with the protection of these lakes and wetlands. In addition to national studies and management projects the DOE also began international cooperation with multilateral agreements like the Ramsar Convention. I have little news of the fate of those projects but I hope they still continue. Drought, low rainfall and weak management has led to the dryness of many lakes and wetlands in the recent years but Gahar still stands as a diamond.

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Anonymous said...

What kinds of fish are found in Gahar Lake? Are there tributaries that flow from the lake to other bodies of water?