Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Poetry Session on Peace and Nature

The Center for Peace and Environment convened the Evening of Poetry on Peace and Nature on September 20th 2012 on the International Day of Peace, in Tehran. Prominent poets and personalities attended the 4 hour session. This session was moderated by Soheil Mahmoudi the reknown former TV anchor and poet who eloquently spoke about the importance of this gathering and read poetry from Shafie Kadkani a popular poet on the beauties of nature.

 عصر شعر 2
In the opening of this event Dr. Zahra Rakei , current Head of Iranian Society of Poets spoke about the importance of nature protection and how a culture of peace is necessary to promote environmental protection. Rakei thanked the Center for Peace and Environment for this collaboration and proposed that this event be convened each year as a non- governmental event , on the occasion of the International Day of Peace.
I then spoke on the role that Persian poetry has played in introducing Iranian civilization and culture and promoting dialogue. Iranian  poetry  has a profound human and universal approach. The war against humans and the war against nature have a common root, I noted. We need to reach inner peace before we can come to terms with each other and peace with nature, I said. This poetry session intends to promote a message of peace with nations and nature on behalf of the Iranian nation we hope all conflicts will be resolved with dialogue and understanding, I stressed.
Many poets from across Iran had attended the session and were invited to recite their poetry on the essential aspects of peace and protection of nature.  Some poems were recited along with live classic, jazz or Persian music.

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