Friday, October 26, 2012

American Elections Influenced by Iran Politics

There are many reasons to believe that Iranian politics affect American elections and political processes. Iran had been traditionally regarded as the “gendarme of the region before the Islamic Revolution.It seems that  American politicians have never been able to come to terms with the Revolution in 1979 and even more, the after  shock of the Takeover of the American embassy  8 months later.
Although the Clinton administration took certain steps to alleviate tensions and acknowledged the illegal and unjustified actions of the US government in Iran, including the staging of a coup d'etat in 1953, many believe that they did not do enough to change the equations governing bilateral relations. To the item that Madeline Albright apologized for we must now add,  installing and supporting a brutal dictatorship for 25 years  and confronting a popular revolution and nation  by sanctions and threats for 32 years.
Now, again in 2012, the major recurring theme in the Presidential debates  is how to deal with Iran.The final debacle of Obama and Romney was focused on Iran and the Middle East. This, accompanied with an orchestrated campaign to rally public opinion against Iran in American mainstream media, has led to a major debate on the reasons for a continued antagonistic and hegemonistic approach against Iran.The nuclear weapon "myth" is meant only to serve as a pretext for more pressure and sanctions against a nation that has not bowed in submission. Irregardless of  the very difficult lessons that should have been learned in Iraq , Afghanistan,   Libya and Egypt, American politicians still seek supremacy and control over Iran.
Conflicting news reports on direct talks between Iran and the US have also surfaced bringing both hope and concerns over the eventual out come of this trend. While some observers in Iran are hopeful that this effort will break the stalemate in relations, others express uncertainty due to the covert nature of these developments.
The hope is that Americans have recognized the leverage that Iran holds in the Islamic and non-aligned world . The hope is that world politicians have realized that another Western backed war in the region is not going to resolve the current challenges. The hope is that the Israelis and the zionist lobby in the Congress will not be the game changers in foreign policy. The hope is that politicians realize that Iranians want change and reform not rebellion, internal strife and civil war.

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