Wednesday, October 10, 2012

True Message of the Prophet

There is a debate among scholars and intellectuals on the essence of  what we understand of God. Is the God that we worship a stern, omnipotent and merciless power or is God the omnipotent, merciful and compassionate Being ? Was the Prophet of God , Muhammad, a messenger of peace and love or hatred and war?   While the Holy Quran clearly indicates that God's compassion exceeds his wrath and that his forgiveness overrides his punishment, but evidently a certain radical interpretation has surfaced occasionally ; mostly in response to attacks from the outer, implying a more radical and violent impression of Islam. A deliberate and well orchestrated effort to display a negative image of Islam by Western media has also been underway for long.
While the insulting films posted recently on YouTube and the offensive caricatures attempting to mock the beloved Prophet of Islam were indicative of a new wave of Islamo-phobia, Muslims worldwide responded in varying tones and forms.  Where American embassies were available, thousands poured into the streets to protest and this led to violence and bloodshed. Among them the most  evident cases were in Libya , Pakistan and Egypt while peaceful marches in other cities still continue.
In an attempt to respond to the accusations and offensive efforts to smear the image of Islam and Muslims, many have resorted to intercultural and intellectual debates. In a recent interview I referred to the Dialogue Among Civilizations as a resort and resolution in face of the current attacks and threats against Muslims worldwide. Some radical sites responded harshly to my comments by claiming that the idea is "shipwrecked" and finished now. The idea which was put forward by President Khatami during his term and welcomed by the UN has stark enemies among radical anti reformist groups in power today in Iran.

In addition many Muslims throughout the world , particularly those living as minorities in Western societies started diverse initiatives to influence public opinion and to counter the offensive efforts in a polite and meaningful manner. In addition to internet and social net campaigns ( one called the True Message of the Prophet has started in Facebook) many groups in the UK and Scandinavian cities set off in the streets to demonstrate the baseless claims of the anti Islam propaganda campaigns.  They talked with people in the streets and gave them flowers along with words from the Quran or from the Prophet.


Unknown said...

Just wondering... what was your opinion of the movie Argo?

Your attack on the US Embassy was completely wrong and an act of war, and then for your people to try and hunt down the diplomats who happened to escape just added insult to injury - why would you try to go after them when they were in your country legally?

I can only hope that the movie Argo humiliated your own country somewhat after all the humiliation you've done to US.

Anonymous said...

As Iranian living in America, I can tell you Argo is a huge propaganda movie. It's not based on truth. It's a hollywood movie. In very bad taste.