Tuesday, August 28, 2012

NAM and the alleviation of pressures

The leadership of the Non Aligned Movement (NAM) has been formally transferred to Iran this week. In Tehran as one would expect, the theme of  most debates and discussions  circle around the  16th summit of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) which is now taking place   from August 26 to 31, 2012..  While friends and foes of the Islamic Republic all agree that this is an exceptional opportunity in difficult times of sanctions, pressures and incessant threats from Israel and the US, critics hope that Iranian diplomacy would be efficient enough to make the best of this important gathering of growing voices against western influence. 
NAM was founded in Belgrade in 1961,  based on a stark reality  of that age , recognized particularly by the Yugoslavia's President Josip Broz Tito, Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser, Ghanian President Kwame Nkrumah and Indonesian President Sukarno.  Non alignment has hence been valued as a position of independence and integrity for nations rising from the clutches of colonialism and imperialism.  -    Even though the group was formed in the cold war era atmosphere, it has fared well in proving its effectiveness in changing political orientations. After the downfall of Communism,  a new enemy had to emerge to justify the military expenses and ventures of  US and the West , 9-11 provided the pretext for a new era of the" Crusades" as George Bush II had once mentioned. The NAM stood firm in negation of the unilateral and militaristic approaches of the  terrible Bush era.
 Now, that Iran is being targeted in an unjustified manner, Syria is broiling over civil war and the transformations in the Arab world have weakened pro-west allies, the NAM certainly have an important ax to grind and a influential card to play.
In international negotiations on the environment, dealing with environmental conventions such as the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, the G77 or group of developing nations ( which began as 77 but now amounts to more than 120 countries) has very similar orientations as the NAM and enjoys a unique leverage among groupings in the UN. In 2001, when Iran became the rotating President of the G77, we played an important role in protecting the multilateral nature of UN decision making by supporting the Climate Change Convention and the Kyoto Protocol amid the unilateral and antagonistic approach of the Bush administration. The G77 and NAM are parallel groups which bear important leverage in multilateral international mechanisms.
Even amidst widespread  national concern over pressures against reformists and internal opposition groups and increasing inflation,  Iran has much to gain in this event . The hope is that the convening of the 16th NAM in Tehran would improve Iran's relations with the international community and alleviate economic pressures on the global side. In the internal political atmosphere, there is a general expectation that this event would also alleviate pressures against internal opposition groups and reformists and lead to a more stable situation at the national level.    

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Eid Fetr

The Eide Fetr is a celebration of efforts that people have made to conquer over their temptations, desires and excesses. Fetr is an Arabic term which means to cleave or break (the fast of one month). It is a celebration of humanity winning over darkness and oppression. Eid Fetr is important for a world that yearns for ethics and moral values in its leaders and government.

Eid Fetr is a great celebration for those who seek peace and love in place of war and hatred.  Fetr follows the efforts of societies who have withstood hardships of hunger and thirst to sympathize with the needy and the poor and to understand their sufferings. Fetr is a thanksgiving feast, thanking God for the opportunity to worship and to remember the blessings bestowed upon us.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Quds, A Standing Symbol of Injustice

Iranians are celebrating the  Day of Quds today. What began in Iran as a proposal by Imam Khomeini to support the Palestinian cause is now an international campaign marked by worldwide rallies.

  Even though opposition groups in Iran do not agree with certain aspects of foreign policy, but  they have been united in condemning the crimes and oppression that Israel has inflicted upon the Palestinian nation. The problem is that since Iranian State media have taken a strong propaganda position on this matter and have not gone along with people in many issues, they feel that this issue is sometimes used as  a scapegoat in face of internal mismanagement and wrongdoings. Unlike others, I do not believe that we should remain indifferent now on an ongoing international crisis which is now linked to the future of the region and even our world.

In my international speeches,  in many international fora in the past, I have said that the unresolved issue of Palestine, the historical facts and the conditions of Palestinian people today, all point to the inability or the unwillingness of the international community, the UN Security Council and its apparatus to resolve the matter. Quds is a standing symbol of global mismanagement, a reminiscence of the double standards that govern today's world, a sign of continuing injustices that plague humanity . The plight of millions of displaced people , who are now living for more than 2 generations in refugee status in camps with very dire conditions is now easily dismissed in negotiations, the plight of millions living in siege in Gaza or the inhuman conditions of Apartheid in the West Bank are overlooked and forgotten.The Arabian Spring or Awakening has changed many equations on the ground but the unilateral support of the US for Israel has always tilted the balance in favor of the Zionists.

 I do not agree with some of the radical positions that certain politicians have taken , such as the denial of the holocaust . I do however agree with the question that why should the Muslim Palestinians who resided in Palestine for generations, why should they suffer for the crimes committed by the Germans in Europe?
The expansionist and racist stipulates of the Elders of Zion and the outrageous crimes committed in the name and by Zionist regimes are well known to the international community. More important today is the influence and dominion that Zionism has in American political and economic apparatus. I have spoken with many Americans who are now very fearful of the pivotal role that the Zionist lobby plays in American politics and the dreadful role that they play in manipulating American foreign and national security polity to serve the interests of the State of Israel first and above all. They are now using the upcoming elections in the US as a leverage to exert pressure on Obama and  get the US involved in a new war against Iran.
 The American public need to  realize that the prosperity and good life that they enjoy , is in part due to the sufferings that their government has inflicted upon many nations in the world . They need to understand that if they believe in the democratic nature of their political system then they are accomplices in the actions of their politicians and will be held accountable for the policies of their government .

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Anti Iran Measures and Rhetoric on the Rise

The Obama administration and Congress moved  Tuesday to tighten the economic sanctions on Iran, betting that additional pressure  will force Iranian officials to accept a compromise to curb their nuclear activities. The American Secretary of Defense joined Israeli officials in their propaganda campaign on branding Iran as a global security threat and stressing that they will not tolerate an Iran armed with nuclear weapons. Americans know well based on their intelligence sources and analysts and based on the National Strategic Report published in 2010 that Iran is not pursuing a nuclear weapon. They also have acknowledged the fact that the Iranian regime is firmly set to protect Iranian interests and to protect the independence and dignity of Iran.  Now that the cold war is over , the Al-Qaida terror war is dwindling , American war mongers need a new pretext to start a new war . War mongers need to create an atmosphere of war every 6-7 years in a particular region in the world to sell American arms and to invigorate the American economy with fresh blood.  The recent sales of billions of dollars of arms to Persian Gulf states including Qatar and Kuwait under the guise of enabling them to protect the waterways is part of this strategy.Last week, Mitt Romney, the Republican presidential candidate, used very harsh rhetoric and explicit threats against Iran to upscale the anti Iran atmosphere in the region. It seems that in the absence of any outright opposition from their people, these Arab governments have sold out their national interests to that of Israel and the US.   While Israel and the US are both an actual threat to the region and have attacked countries in this areas, they have joined forces with allies  to focus not on the actual threats but on Iran. The US and Russia do have thousands of nuclear warheads, Israel, North Korea, India, Pakistan and some other countries do have nuclear bombs. Iran does not have a nuclear weapon , during the past 750 years of history Iran has not attacked or occupied any other nation in contrast to the shocking score card of the US and Israel during the past half century.  
However, coincidentally Iran has access to the worlds 3rd largest supply of oil and second largest supply of natural gas. Iran benefits from a strategic geopolitical position in the region and has vast influence in Iraq, Afghanistan,Turkey, UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Azerbaijan, Armenia,Yemen,Tajikistan, Syria, Lebanon and even Pakistan. Iran has served its neighbors and has brought a sense of self sufficiency and dignity for peoples of the region. The current Iranian government has many shortcomings and  is facing much criticism for its radical and unlawful behavior, however when the issue of unjust pressures and foreign threats surface, the Iranian society and the political fabric of Iran becomes unified in their resolve to resist and prevent any aggression on Iranian soil. Even political prisoners now in confinement have announced their opposition to any militaristic approach against Iran. 
Has not the time arrived that peace activists across the globe unite once again to condemn the preparatory measure that Israel and the US are taking to confront the fantasy of a nuclear Iran and create a new war in this already war stricken region? Is it not about time that people in the US and Europe stand up in face of their governments to recognize the rights of a nation to stand against foreign pressures and instigation ?