Saturday, December 5, 2015

Iran Takes Part in Climate Summit

The earth's vital signs are distressed due to the excesses and agression humans have displayed. Global warming is one of the most important manifestations of this distress. After the Convention for Climate Change and the Kyoto Protocol, now global talks for the pre and post 2020 agenda have culminated in the COP21 negotiations. While few actions for implementing the Kyoto Protocol have been taken by some developed countries others refrained and global warming continued. In this round recognising the urgency of the matter, the international community decided to invite all countries to voluntarily submit their contributions to the mitigation and adaptation processes ie, the INDCs.
While 140 leaders took part in the Paris summit, amounting to the largest one day gathering of world leaders, 180 countries submitted their INDCs creating an unprecedented opportunity for global action to curb greenhouse gas emissions and slow the warming processes before it nears the 2 degrees Celsius danger point. The important issue is the inequalities manifested in both the consequenses and the responsibilities which the rich countries do not wish to undertake.  
I took part on behalf of President Rouhani in the Summit in Paris . Leaders were all welcomed by President Hollande and  UNSG Ban Ki Moon as well as Ministers Fabius and Royale. I thanked the President for the hospitality of his government and conveyed the regards of President Rouhani. I also expressed my condolences for the victims of the tragic terrorist attacks in Paris. Mr. Ban Ki Moon also welcomed me and I thanked him and hoped for success in the negotiations. 
In the couple hours we had before the opening we met several heads of States and Prime Ministers, including the presidents of Iraq, Afghanistan, Lithuania, Armenia, Bolivia, Vietnam, Switzerland , King of Sweden, Prince of Monaco and Prime Ministers of Palestine, Pakistan, Japan, Norway, Algeria, Greece,Ireland, Vietnam and Chancellor Merkel. We spoke about bilateral relations and environmental cooperation. After the inaugural plenary session we also had some other bilateral meetings and interviews and ultimately I made my speech and we left for Tehran that night.