Friday, October 13, 2017



Salam, the common greeting of Muslims means peace. The response: Salam Alaikum means peace be upon you. 

As humans we cherish peace, compassion and love as intrinsic values that define our humanity. We champion these values since they are at the core of our soul, our living heart and the root of all hope. However, the unambiguous prediction of the Angels at the time of creation, who according to the Holy Quran, questioned God for bringing into being the human race, by maintaining that they will shed much blood, and make war, has proven to be correct up to now. 

Tens of millions have lost their lives, their livelihoods, future and corrupted their own nature because of wars and conflicts based on greed and supremacy. From the outset of the 20th century till today, the United States Government has been the world’s major purveyor of violence, gross interference in the affairs of other nations and maintains a clear program aimed at full spectrum world domination.

 Its global military apparatus that maintains 900 bases and more outside its borders is not intended to promote peace. The current administration has indicated in meetings including those with with the International Atomic Agency that the  multilateral Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) is not to their benefit. They have lobbied and pushed congress and the Persian Gulf Sheikdoms for arms sales to ensure that their military industries survive and prosper at the expense of the blood of the downtrodden, as the world witnesses for the   Yemenese people.


Till now the JCPOA has served as a beacon of hope for resolving political and diplomatic disputes through negotiation. A win-win approach was taken and guided negotiations to come to solutions despite the very complicated and critical issues involved. The fact that the Nuclear Deal has prevented conflict and eased tensions in West Asia and at the global level is well known. Equally clear is the fact that extremist elements on all sides have actively worked against this pact, both during and after its conception. 

After the election of Donald Trump one of his first pronouncements was the accusation that the JCOPA has been one of the worst deals in American history. This white nationalist sentiment along with the Neocon and Zionist agenda has encouraged Trump to make yet another mistake in continuance of a series of successive faults to decertify the nuclear deal and to set the US government on a collision course with Iran. Trump made a blunt historical miscalculation concerning Tehran by siding with an autocratic kingdom when he criticised Iran on the day 40 million people took to the polls to elect their president in one of the most democratic events in the region. 

He has made several strategic international mistakes each weakening multilateralism, he has taken a similar negative stance against the Paris Agreement on Climate Change which has ramifications for  the future of our planet. The recent exit of the US from UNESCO, the educational institution of the UN, is another indication that this administration has no concern for global peace. Eventhough the IAEA has repeatedly testified that Iran is in compliance with the JCPOA, and European counterparts have confirmed Iran fulfilling the requirements and said they will do anything to save the pact, Trump may announce he will not certify the JCPOA. This radical and irrational stance has not been welcomed by the majority members of the international community, people who cherish global peace and who have come to understand the hard way, the intrinsic worth of human values in their hearts.

 Analysts, observers and diplomats have also taken it upon themselves to come forth in support of Iran and the JCPOA. In fact what we witness today is that Iran is emerging as a reliable player in international affairs.

Iran has stood by its commitments, withstood all pressures, proven in action not words that it is fully committed to the JCOPA. If one partner breaks this pact, ultimately, they will lose significant reputational integrity, as this is a multilateral 5+1 deal and cannot be undermined by one member. The UN has lifted all its previous resolutions and sanctions related to nuclear activity and is standing behind the JCPOA.

Today Iran is unified and standing firm in support of this nuclear pact. Today we witness unprecedented support for our government and armed forces. However, more interesting is the international support that Iran enjoys today, the fact that political leaders and states from Europe to Asia, African and even South America have indicated their unwavering support for the deal.

Today we are witnessing a wave of support from both civil society and academia, a wave that hopefully will lead to an awakening of the collective human consciousness and a serious movement to protect peace: This most precious and elusive treasure on earth.