Thursday, August 6, 2015

Iran Nuclear Deal :Congress Decides

As long as we are alive we are tested for our deeds,our words and even our intentions and thoughts.This is part of the system of creation where a chance is  given to every human to fulfill a life in the good or the bad direction on the basis of the free choice given to all humankind.We are thus always making choices, taking decisions which directly or indirectly, immediately or gradually affect our lives and determine our fate. Regulating or controling our inner drives, which are intrinsically very strong is part of this process, therefore  caution is the rule of the day. This individual perspective , which applies to most faiths and religions, would have very dramatic dimensions when taken to social and political levels. The reasons behind major decisions affecting the future of humanity has sometimes fallen into the hands of people who have not taken caution against their inner drives , people who have not realized what could be at stake, people who did not have the insight to forbid what is bad and to enjoin what is good. 70 years ago the US employed nuclear weapons against Hiroshima & Nagasaki killing millions of innocent civilians. Nuclear proliferation and the arms race has continued in the world unabated since and while millions live in abject poverty and disease, while the natural environment of planet earth is degrading at an alarming rate, military expenditure and the legal and illicit arms trade has exceeded all other areas.
70 years later,  building upon the legacy of those who have invited humanity to peace, brotherhood and justice, Prophets and altruists, Iran joined western powers in a difficult, complex and intriguing process of negotiations. These talks were aimed at lifting the illegal sanctions against Iran and ensuring western powers about the  peaceful intentions of our nuclear program. The successful settlement gave a strong signal to the international community that inspite of a long standing conflict between Iran and the US, dialogue can open vistas for reconciliation provided that a strong political will exists. The support of the Supreme Leader  and the President for Dr. Zarif and his team paved way for a national resolve on this matter in Iran, despite differences of opinion among political rivals. The current internal debates and hearings in the US Congress have recieved much media coverage. Since the major opponent of the deal has been the Zionist regime, their staunch supporters in the Congress have taken coordinated positions against the deal, bringing into light the true intentions of certain groups who consider the security of Israel more important than US or even global security. This reveals how the nuclear deal has exposed the true identity of zionist groups in the US and how this minority has contolled the political, financial and media strongholds of that nation for decades. The question has surfaced in many social media that since the American people have been held hostage  and taken to war several times to protect Israel will they now stand up to protect their own nation to secure global peace and to restore the damaged image of their country in the world? Americans and particularly their young generation have been generally barred from understanding the truth behind their governments policies, they are usually  uninformed or indifferent. The Iran nuclear deal provides an opportunity for the people and the Congress who purport to represent them to engage in determining  their destiny and that of the world, to change the war mongering image of their government. The Congress now has a historical decision which is exposed and evident for the world to see, to give diplomacy and negotiation a chance or to stubbornly push ahead for unilateral dominion,conflict and violence.  I sincerely hope that the American people and the Congress take necessary caution and make a better decision for peace and the future prosperity of all humanity. 

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