Saturday, May 16, 2015

Iraqi President in Tehran

Fouad Massoum the President of Iraq visited Iran last week accompanied by Ministers of Trade and Environment. In addition to the significant  political implications of this visit, in which Iran reiterated its will to stand alongside the people  and government of Iraq against terror and DAESH, this visit also had important environmental dimensions.
For the first time high level bilateral talks included environmental cooperation and the final communique delivered at the end of this visit clearly stated the will of both countries to improve the state of the environment. During bilateral talks we had we decided to work together for exchange of information, training of Iraqi experts and joint research. Areas included protection of wetlands , prevention of desertification and dust storms and creating transboundary peace parks on the border. 
We have provided technical and training assistance on environmental issues to Iraqi brothers before and we decided to continue. While it is well understood that peace and security are the prerequisite for any improvement of environmental conditions, both Presidents stressed that  Iran will continue to play an instrumental role in confronting terror and insecurity in Iraq along with the Iraqi people.