Friday, February 19, 2016

Peace & Environment Major Issues Iran Will Pursue in Post Sanctions Era

Iran will play a constuctive role in global and regional peacemaking after the nuclear deal and the full lifting of all sanctions and restrictions on Iran's dealings with the world. This process has advanced since the deal was struck and implementation day announced weeks ago. Private and corporate sector investors from around the globe are securing deals and investments in areas important for the sustainable development of Iran. In the DOE we are encouraging investment for the environment, green technologies, renewables, waste management,energy  and water efficiency fields. 
The visit of President Rouhani to Italy and France was an important step in securing stronger relations with European States that have been strong economic allies in the past.
President Rouhani and President Hollande spoke on the importance of building relationships that go beyond economic and trade issues and could enable peacemaking and resolution of conflicts that have left millions in despair in the region.
They vowed to address the root causes of extremism and terror in todays world.I think this was an important step forward. We signed several agreements including one on environmental cooperation.
What is important in the world is that leaders who control wealth and power need to understand that if they seek peace for their country they should seek peace for all humans. If they look for happiness for their people they must pursue happiness for all humanity. If they aspire a healthy environment for their people they should strive to save the planet for all. These are universal values that do not fit in with greed and selfishness.  What is important is that many conflicts can be resolved peacefully ;if there is a genuine resolve for peace, that is if the military machinery and industry of the big powers allow, if the cartels and oil trusts permit, if the corrupt politicians change course, if the people of the world awaken to these realities which are shaping our future and that of generations to come.