Sunday, March 15, 2015

Talks in Paris

I was invited by the Executive Director of UNESCO to attend a session on the appraisal of achievement s of the Beijing World Conference on Women twenty years later. I spoke on the advances but also obstacles women face worldwide. I mentioned the consumerist and materialistic approach that plagues our world today and results in the erosion of both ethics and the nature we rely on for existence. Six women were invited to speak about their views, three of us had attended the fourth world conference in 1995. I also met separately with Irina Bokova and spoke about joint activities.
I had a speech at the Diplomatic Club in Paris where I spoke on the moderation policies of the Government of Dr.Rouhani. The program was ensued by a lengthy question and answer session dealing with all aspects of social and political affairs.
Medef International is a French corporate sector alliance which also held a session where I spoke frankly about business opportunities in the field of environment for about 70 business leaders.
I had a working lunch session with several media directors including Le Monde and Figaro and others. Again I responded to many questions not only on internal politics but also the nuclear deal and prospects for improving relations with the west.
I also spoke with a group of Parliamentarians from the French Congress and Senate over dinner .We exchanged  views on issues like ways to combat  climate change and extremism. 
My meeting with Laurin Fabius, the French Foreign Minister recieved alot of media attention. Fabius is leading the negotiations on climate change which will finalize later this year in Paris. We discussed many issues of mutual interest.

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