Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Fourteenth environment exhibition of Tehran

On the occasion of the fourteenth International Environment Exhibition, we had three high level international guests. The Environment Ministers of Lebanon, Russia and the Vice Minister of Japan arrived for the inaugural session. I had bilateral sessions and we discussed areas of practical cooperation. With Japan we had a policy dialogue session to follow the MOC that we had previously adopted. The Russian Minster signed the Biodiversity Protocol of the Tehran Convention for the Protection of the Caspian Sea Environment and our directors signed an action plan on joint collaboration. 
The year's exhibiton was convened under the theme of Green Economy ,Resilient Economy. In the opening ceremony, the First Vice President of Iran Dr Jahangiri, spoke on the importance the government of Dr. Rouhani attaches to the environment and the green economy.In addition, the minsters of Russia, Japan and Lebanon also spoke on the need for regional and international efforts to protect planet earth. I then visited the different booths and met both private sector and NGO s active in this field. 290 different business and economic sectors had participated . In addition, over 80 NGOs and firms from 14 countries had taken part, it was an important event since we need to make the connection between economic activity and advances in the protection ot our global environment.
Many new innovations in fields of renewable energies, recycling, waste management, water purification and  treatment systems, air filtration technologies,energy efficiency methods biodiversity protection and many more new technologies were presented at the fair . This creates opportunities for trade, exchange of views and know how in areas pertaining to environment protection.

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