Monday, December 24, 2007

A Persian Story

In the Name of the Creator

Classic story telling in Persian begins with a simple phrase : " One existed, one did not exist, no one other than God existed". Every Iranian child is familiar with this phrase. This is the primordial truth that every child understands. The essence of life and existence is here, in this short opening of Persian stories. Actually, there is a Persian paradox in this opening, there seems to be a baffling secret in the meaning behind the words.

As an Iranian who has lived in Iran for the past 4 decades , and has lived in the US for during some of the years in the first decade, I think there is much to say and hear about Iran. I belong to the most misunderstood nation of this age. I come from a generation which has undergone major upheavals and faces innumerable paradoxes, some resolved and many unresolved. I have joined the blogger community as a global citizen who believes in the need for objective dialogue and understanding as the framework for peace and prosperity for all in the world.

As a Muslim I find it fascinating that "Persian Paradox" begins on Christmas eve, a couple days after Yalda the Iranian celebration for the longest night of the year(the birthday of Mitra, the Sun Goddess), and in the week between two major Islamic Eids or celebrations, destiny has brought me to this moment ... We are in search for those threads, that connect us to make that beautiful fabric of human civilization today.


Anonymous said...

Persian paradox is an interesting matter for me and I think for a lot of people. Keep up writing!

Anonymous said...

Happy to write my first comment here for you.
But I know English a little.sorry.
And about the firs paradox:I believe that "to exist" is different than "to be",and you used "to exist".

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Happy to write to you.
Persian Paradox is so interesting matter for me too, I have written something about it (one existed and ..) in my weblog, I would be thankful if you have a look.

Anonymous said...

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