Friday, February 29, 2008

The American people will bear the costs

The Israeli attacks on Gaza residential areas are unrelenting. They claim they are targetting rocket launchers. An Israeli minister has threatened the Palestinians with a Holocaust for them ! Have you seen some of the footage from the recent attacks? The scenes of injured or killed babies transferred to ambulances or morgues is shocking. But more shocking is the indifference of major international bodies like the UN and the censored reporting of international media. During the past 72 hours more than 100 civilians have been injured, over 35 have been killed, more than 10 among them are children.

The Palestinian people have been suffering under occupation, as refugees or in Israeli prisons now for more than half a century. None of the unimplemented plans for peace have undertaken the plight of the occupied territories or the 4 million refugees. They are overwhelmed by despair. Hamas leaders speak the truth, they reveal the true intentions of the occupiers and their supporters. It is broadly held among political circles that without the unconditional support of the American Government the occupiers could not have gone this far in their excesses.
In another development, in an act of military intimidation, the Americans have deployed two warships to the eastern Mediterranean. In light of the pressures on Hezbollah, the pending Presidential crisis in Lebanon and the very tragic situation in Gaza, this act is viewed with suspicion .

The interference of the American government in the Middle East has a long difficult history . In addition to a handful of pro-US undemocratic regimes, they now have the honor of being largely detested by the public opinion in Muslim countries.
The case of Iran is however paradoxical, while the US has uprooted the Taliban regime whose enmity with Iran was evident, and it also led to demise of the despotic regime of Saddam, but yet at the same time the historical enmity between Iran and the US has not subsided. Today contrary to the NIE report, or the recent IAEA report, which indicate there is no hidden agenda behind Iran's quest for nuclear energy, the US has braced for a propaganda campaign and a third resolution from the security council.
In any case the American people should know that if they live in a free and democratic country they will bear the costs of the adventures of their leaders in this part of the world and they be held accountable for the decisions their leaders are making and for the devastating consequences that those policies have for millions of people in the world.

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