Thursday, March 20, 2008


We are approaching the Iranian New Year, Nowrooz which will begin in less than one hour in Tehran . We actually have the exact time 9,18",19' am, which corresponds exactly with the spring equinox and the changes in the earth’s axis, the revival of nature after a long rest in winter. Iranians and many countries in this region including Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Girghiszistan, Turkemensitan and Kazakistan, parts of Azerbaijan and Pakistan all celebrate Nowrooz. This indicates the radius of Persian influence. Today with the large numbers of Iranians living abroad, the radius is much larger. Iranians have made significant contribution to human civilization and this contribution still continues to date.
Nowrooz tells us we should also learn from nature and take the opportunity to revive ourselves, to refresh our hearts and minds. Nature has the capability to renew and rejuvenate itself, after distress and pressure; rivers can purify and cleanse their water, rangelands can restore their vegetation. This constant cleansing and purification and revival is the essence of life and nature.
Can we find these same qualities among humans? Have individuals and societies maintained this natural feature throughout the ages? Is the concept of modernization relevant in this context or does that undertake only novelty and what is “new” and usually confined to the material realm? This question becomes very meaningful when we deal with the issue of leadership and the qualifications of people to take the affairs of nations and the world in their hands. Each and everyone of us needs a Nowrooz to revive our dormant hearts and minds. Nowrooz Mobarak!


Anonymous said...

Happy new year and merry nowrooz!lady Green :)

Best Wishes

Fazel said...

Happy Nourouz to you,wish you and your family a year full of peace and prosperity.