Thursday, July 3, 2008

In Search for Peace

I was supposed to continue my report on the Oslo Workshop last week but I was so busy with my work at the City Council and the university that I just could not find time for a new post. The Workshop concluded with two major events . First was a commemoration of women's day in Iran where we presented a 20 min excerpt from a TV serial broadcast in Iran some years ago . The film entitled The Holy Mary is based on the narration of the Holy Quran on the life and status of Mary the mother of Jesus.

Since the Quran devotes a whole chapter and many other verses to her life and in that narration a very balanced gender approach and a progressive perspective on women, can be perceived, this subject could be taken as an example of how religions deal with gender equality . Also the issue could be considered as an example of interfaith dialogue or practical dialogue as some term it to be diapraxis. We celebrated the event with a birthday cake with white marzipan topping and colorful flowers. Gifts, handicrafts from rural women's cooperatives from Minab ( Southeast Iran) were also distributed.
The workshop concluded with a statement which highlighted the importance of interfaith dialogue on gender justice as well as the importance of learning from the success as well as the failures of other societies. The importance of including women in global peacemaking efforts and taking the feminine perspective in that dimension was also highlighted.
This was an exceptional opportunity for us to listen, learn and engage in a dialogue across cultural , religious and social lines.

We understand that today more than ever we need to work to prevent conflict and war and to promote peace and security in the world.

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