Friday, August 15, 2008

Ossetia, a scandal and a time to wait

The recently appointed Interior Minister , Ali Kordan now faces a serious challenge on the authenticity of a honorary Oxford university degree he flaunts. The ministry has posted a document which has numerous spelling and grammatical typos and Oxford University has denied issuing such a document. He now faces serious opposition from even his own party members. This is a serious test of moral integrity for the President and the Majlis. What has made this issue more controversial is the fact that the President brought up the issue of the Leader's support for these ministers in the confidence vote session of the Majlis. This scandal has sparked a very strong debate among political activists from all sides and political tendencies. For an Islamic Republic, ethical values should stand above all other considerations and it seems that some people have forgotten that.

In 2005 ,President Khatami delivered the government and economy to his elected successor in the most favorable economic conditions that any Iranian government had. The current government's incompetency to resolve economic woes and provide basic services such as gas and electricity to the people has caused even Mr. Hashemi Rafsanjani the head of both the Expediency Council and the Experts Council to speak out on the inability of the government to manage affairs properly. Mr. Rafsanjani is considered to be a moderate voice who has now recently broken his silence by openly criticizing the government. Although some internet sites have been filtered but the issue is well covered in the press and other sites and many politicians have asked for the resignation of the Interior Minister. I also think that he should resign and the President should apologize for this big mistake he has made.

I had found time to read a historical article yesterday concerning the vast influence of Iranian civilization in the region. There was a section that surprised me with information I knew nothing about. There was a report on Ossetia and the fact that the origins of these people were from the Aryan tribes who had migrated from Iran thousands of years ago. They still call their region Ariestan and cherish Persian customs like Nowrooz and Chahrshanbe Suri. The Ossetians have strong family ties and traditions very similar to Iranians and their lifestyle is still very alike. The recent events and the claims of ethnic cleansing on both the side of the Georgians and the Russians is seriously troubling for everyone. I hope the situation is contained and the Ossetians find the opportunity to live in peace and prosperity.

Even as there are global efforts for peace and security in the world, it seems that things are not working out as they should be. This essentially means that the mismanagement of global affairs , the incompetence and lack of moral integrity among political leaders and the rising sense of insecurity in the world are all pointing to a bitter reality. We are not satisfied with the current circumstances, we are waiting for better times and for better leaders. Tomorrow is the birthday of Imam Mahdi , who is the Twelfth Imam waiting for the time to appear, he will come not to conquer through war and bloodshed as some Christian Zionist eschatologists profess; but to promote justice, love , understanding and peace among religions and cultures.

It is interesting that according to Shia traditions, Imam Mahdi is known to have a multicultural background. His father is a descendant of the Prophet of Islam, his mother is a Byzantine princess who was originally Christian, and his great grandmother is an Iranian princess. More interesting are the narrations that indicate that his reappearance will coincide with the return of Jesus Christ and that they will pray together and they will unite, for the betterment of mankind, for there is no discord or dispute in the realm of God.


Black Chador said...

When Mr. Khatami was president of Iran, every day I was waiting for him to denounce these Radical Islamic Mullahs by removing his Abba and showing up with a normal and modest suit. It wasn’t the suit that we wanted but the message of removing Radical Islamic laws in governing the country. Even when in July 1999 Iranian people sent him a strong message that they are waiting him to lead them in the next revolution, Khatami failed to lead. In my humble opinion he was weak. His weakness resulted in Radical mullah’s stronger showing in the following election. The reason that we have this insane president and the puppet of Khamene is because of weakness of Khatami and the idiot who is sitting in the White House.
As for the Russia and Georgia conflict, Russia did not start this. The naïve Saakashvili allowed McCain campaign to use him for their photo ups. With Obama on vacation and the idiot Bush at Olympic, McCain acted as he was the president of United State at his daily press conferences. Saakashvili was doped in thinking that the American forces will come and rescue him; after all he had paid for it before hand. Well, what did we expect from Russia? to run and hide?
Back to our problems, the mullahs. I would like for someone like you Massomeh, to tell me what has this Islamic Revolution and Islamic Republic has brought to Iran? Take a look at any country around you and compare where they were 30 years ago, both economically and socially and then look at Iran. I don’t remember before Islamic Revolution people with bleeding ulcer dying in the hallway of a hospital in middle of night because their family did not have millions of toman in cash to hand over to the hospital. Even in the “great Satan” Unite State of America, they first fix you up and treat you then they are worried about the bill. But that is “great Satan” not Emam Ali regime.
Please stop with these nonsense and admit that Islamic Republic is a failure. People like you and Khatami have the responsibility to show public outrage toward this vicious regime. You have the responsibility to lead young Iranian women in rallies for Women Rights. You have the responsibility to tell young girls that they are equal to the Iranian men. You have the responsibility to protect Iranian young women from Honor Killing by their family. You have the responsibility to fight for Iranian Women right to choose if they want to practice Hejab or not. If they have to then you have the responsibility to prove to us by showing us the page of Quran where it says “Muslim woman has to wear Hejab”.

Anonymous said...

oh??? you post her comment, but not mine????? the one i wrote a few days ago about Sakashvili's friendship with John McCain and this game of Georgian pseudo-crisis for the only purpose of fooling the American public into thinking McCain is more qualified to lead! what was wrong with what i wrote in that comment? holly is saying basically the same thing and you posted hers!!!! ... well, not that i care! you've posted many many comments of mine so far, but i was surprised when you didn't post this one!!! ... i'm writing it here again, post it please!

it would be the biggest mistake IRI can make if it sides with Russia on this Georgian dispute!

if Iran doesn't shift toward the West right now (by compromising on the 5+1 negotiation terms of freeze-for-freeze), John McCain will win the presidential elections in November, due to his upper-hand with regard to this Georgian pseudo-crisis, and Iran won't have any chance of getting its due recognition by the West as a regional power and a constructive partner (which is what Obama sees)!

you need to make sure (just as prime minister Maleki of Iraq has done) that Obama and his foreign policy agenda appears wiser and more effective than that of John McCain! Americans will vote for whoever commands respect for them in the world.

IRI is a fool if it puts its trust in Russia at this time, of course Russia would rather keep Iran dependent on Russia ONLY for security and military support, that's why they don't want you to warm up to the West!

Russia doesn't want America to have a fair, smart, justice-seeking, humane, democratic president like Obama who will once again be able to put USA in the position of leading the free world!

i believe this Georgian provocation was a calculated move by the Russians (they knew the extent of Sakashvili's friendship with John McCain) to give an upper hand to John McCain who seemed to be losing the elections for sure!
but now??? even I (a die-hard fan of Obama, having always been 100% sure of his chances of winning) have doubts about Obama's victory in November! you need to come to his rescue!!!!!

you need to sit down with the West, compromise with freeze-for-freeze, and let Sarkozy and the Europeans (who LOVE Obama) come out as winners with regard to this issue of Iran's nuclear dossier! otherwise Obama will have nothing to boast about in September and October!

McCain is claiming that his Iraq strategy (troop surge) has already won, he's presenting himself as the defender of the poor Georgians standing up to the rising "Russian Empire", and with you not getting anywhere with the 5+1, he will be able to say to the American masses:

"aha! you see? these crazy mullahs don't deserve to be treated with RESPECT - as Obama wants to treat them by negotiating without preconditions - they only understand force"!!!!

come on Iran, help Obama win his argument about diplomatic surge!!!! "roo sefidesh konin"!!!

Black Chador said...

Dear Kathy,

Iranian Mullahs don't want Obama to win. I think that is one of reasons they are not compromising on 5+1 negotiations.
If Obama wins the election he will take the wind out of the Mullahs "Great Satan" message. Ahmadinejad said a while ago that the gun carrying cowboys won't allow a Black man or a White woman becomes the president of USA.( like the Quran carrying Mullahs would)

Since the Islamic revolution, Iranian Mullahs have manipulated American election and every time the Republicans won White House. Except for Clinton, which was a great surprise to everyone. Clinton won because Russ Perot took 12% of Republican votes from Daddy Bush.

Anonymous said...

not related to this post, ...

dear dr. ebtekar, i'm amazed by the delusional and idiotic "conspiracy theories" that your fundamentalist "Principlist" rivals seem to be imagining about the way politics in real democratic countries (like USA) works!!!!
please get your fellow Reformists to come out with their own counter-arguments to these nonsensical articles that are unfortunately published on Principlist newspapers on a daily basis!!!!

are they daft?????!!!!!! geez!!!! unbelievable!!!!

Obama is not in bed with the neoconservatives for God's sake!!!!!!!!!! he's their #1 enemy!!!!!!

even traditional Republicans have all turned away from supporting their IMMORAL, UNETHICAL, UNSCRUPULOUS neocon friends, let alone any Democrat, let alone Barack Obama of all Democrats!!!!!! he's the most liberal of all leftists in the American political arena, even more liberal than the Kennedy brothers, even more democratic than Jimmy Carter!!!!!!

i believe, that in fact there's a big consensus between the good old traditional Republicans and the Obama-loving Democrats, that not only USA cannot afford another neocon administration, but also, that the world cannot avoid a potential WW-III if there was to be a continuation of neoconservative powers running the White-House in this superpower!!!

i believe (and hope) that Obama will show his commitment to bipartisanship by nominating a good anti-war, non-neoconservative, traditional Republican (like Chuck Hagel) as his VP, and that's how he will try to get a lot of Independent and moderate Republican votes away from the neocon-supported John McCain!

so, no, Mr. Tabnak editor!!!! Obama is not conspiring with the neocons!!!!!!!!!!! you idiot!!!!!!!!! Obama is the world's ONLY chance to get rid of the fundamentalist, racist neocons (who btw, have been supporting your own fundamentalist mullahs for the past 30 years)!!!!!

yes, in fact those who helped Ronald Reagan win in 1980, were the same people who killed all of Iran's TRUE revolutionary leaders (like Shariati, Taleghani, Motahari, Beheshti, ...) and left poor Iranians in the claws of fundamentalist superstitious mullahs (like Sanaaee, Jannati, Khalkhali, ...) 30 years ago!!!!

Jimmy Carter was the one who didn't support the Shah, and consequently helped us overthrow him! and now with Jimmy Carter's new, young, black follower (i.e., Barack Obama), maybe, if we are lucky, we can get that derailed and forgotten revolution (of 1979) back to its original path toward TRUE Islamic Democracy!!!! en-sha-allah!!!

Black Chador said...

What do you think of the new "Family Protection Bill"? I see it as "Richman Purchase Order"

Would start a discussion on this subject?