Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Headscarf, Radicalism and Yazd

The VIP guests of President Khatami also took part in the second day of deliberations and many of them spoke on issues pertaining to security and peace in today's world. Mary Robinson pointed to the issue of the Islamic covering and why this matter was obligatory for even non Muslim women in Iran. One of the clergy who is a university scholar as well explained that according to Islamic sharia nonMuslim women are not obliged to wear a headscarf but that in Iran the covering has become a social regulation. I also explained that the issue is in part a faith issue and in part a social regulation. For Muslim women, the Hijab provides a sense of identity and it has become a symbol of resistance in face of the capitalist campaign to commodify women. Mrs. Robinson responded by saying that she understood the identity issue and was also concerned about the commodification of women but that she could not go along with the obligatory approach on this matter.
The roots and causes for violence and radicalism in today's world were discussed. Poverty , despair, injustices and the role of double standards in international affairs were mentioned by practically all participants. To create confidence among nations many of those trends need to be reversed.
I have written in my Farsi blog how satisfied and contented the guests were following their meeting with the Supreme Leader . The American Bishop Chane and Prime Minister Bondevik expressed their gratitude for what they described to be a very informative and lively dialogue . They were surprised at his knowledge on contemporary and international issues.
The guests also visited Yazd on the third day. They had some time to visit the historical sites of Yazd which are very beautiful.


Anna said...

not totally related to this post, but still relevant from the big-picture point of view:

after seeing today's news about the falling price of oil, and the new collective policy of the Western (G8) countries for a shift toward investing in Canadian Oil and divesting from the OPEC countries' Oil companies, i just understood some other points in that IMPORTANT talk Dr. Zarif gave at Princeton!!!!!!

WOW!!! he not only single-handedly saved Iran from the threat of war, but he also paved the way for the fruition of true Islamic Democracy in Iran by talking about Iran's energy needs and its dedication to energy portfolio diversity!!!!!! wow!!!!! he not only saved the current generation of Iranians from death and destruction (as tasted by Iraqis over the past 5 years), but he also saved the future of Iran from total financial ruins, economic misery and consequently loss of sovereignty and independence! God Bless Dr. Zarif!!! Iran's absolutely indebted to him!!!!!!!

Go Win-Win!!!! thank God for those in the IRI establishment who LISTEN to Dr. Zarif and listen seriously and carefully!!! i said it before and i'll say it again:
Zarif is Iran's HERO and Savior!
Viva Dr. Zarif!

Anna said...

what's going on in EU????!!!!

the world NEEDS the wisdom and good judgment of Barack Obama to come and save it from the WRONG policies of leaders who don't know whose side they should be on in dealing with Iran!!!!

this is NOT the kinda leverage the West needs!!!! this so-called PMOI group is nothing but a bunch of traitors who sided with Saddam on a bloody 8-year war against their own people, and therefore they are strongly HATED and detested by the Iranian people! they are NO scary "leverage" when it comes to pressuring the Iranian regime! if a threat is percieved from them, the result is that it will in fact solidify the Iranian people behind the current regime in Tehran!!!! for the world powers to support these terrorists is actually what gives the extremists in Iran (like Ahmadinejad) reason to stay in power!!!!
the world needs a smart leadership from the White House before things go off in the wrong direction!!!!! why couldn't today be November 5th instead of October 23rd?????!!! the world needs Obama!!!!! we can't wait!!!!
to EU leaders:
DO NOT TRUST these terrorists as your "alternatives" or even as your "leverage"!!!! you do this, and the direct result will be the strengthening of Ahmadinejad's hands in Iran!!!!!
geez!!!!!!!! when are they gonna see the negative effect of their WRONG alignments???!!!! what's next????? the Neoconservatives of the world have not given up yet!!!! they first make deals with Iraqi insurgents in Anbar province, they then try to make deals with the Taliban in Afghanistan, now they wanna make deals with these terrorist MKO (aka PMOI), and tomorrow we'll see them making deals with the devil himself Usama BinLaden and his AlQaeda!!!!
We need a TRUE anti-terrorist leader like Barack Obama to come and TRULY fight the terrorists, not make deals with them!!!!!!