Monday, November 24, 2008

Gaza is a Symbol

The world cannot afford to remain indifferent towards the ongoing tragedy in Gaza. The cries of Palestinian children echoes throughout the world. Gaza is now under siege for several weeks and Israel has blocked all entry points preventing even medicine and food from entering. News of an eminent humanitarian disaster is on the way. Only once in a while a few truck loads of medicine are allowed entry.
The continuing growth of new settlements and the denial of the right to return for millions of Palestinians stranded in camps or in exile are evident reasons why the global public opinion seriously doubt the sincerity of the Zionists and their supporters.
Actually more diplomats and top level politicians feel the same way and sympathize with their cause . I remember some of the discussions I had with a group of UN diplomats on the sideline of an international environmental event. They were totally disillusioned with the double standards governing political , economic and social spheres in today's world. They felt that the Palestinians were betrayed by the international community . During a certain period ,they were kept busy with the negotiation process while new settlements were built so that there would practically be no land left for them to bargain. A reality they named the " blue cheese" phenomenon.
In the international conference hosted by the Club de Madrid and the Foundation of Dialogue Among Civilizations, last month in Tehran, the causes of violence and intolerance in today's world were discussed. I remember Professor Iqbal Riza the Special Advisor to the UN Secretary General , mentioned that the actions of a few powerful in the global village have led to the suffering, despair and anger for the many oppressed peoples. How could they trust the world leaders after what they have experienced, he noted. Reverend Chane, the Bishop of Washington was also very critical of the unilateral policies which have undermined the confidence of the public opinion particularly when it was done under a religious pretext.
I also mentioned the importance of the Palestinian issue as an outstanding crisis which the international system has not succeeded in resolving in a just manner. Palestine is a symbol for freedom seekers; it is a symbol of the injustices and double standards prevailing in this age. Those who believe in human rights, freedom and justice should stand up now in support of Gaza.


Anonymous said...

Iran can help President Obama CHANGE that trend in Palestine (and he can and he will, believe it), by making sure that idiotic men whose rhetoric and policies have ONLY helped the Zionist regime's sinister goals recently more than ever, WILL NOT be speaking for Iran when sitting down with President Barack Hussein Obama in 2009 (for that "grand bargain" meeting) to discuss issues like:
Middle East, Iraq, Afghanistan, Terrorism, Nuclear Technology, Trade, Investment, Green Revolution, Energy, Persian Gulf Security, Central Asia, Caspian Natural Gas, Educated Young Human Resources, University Exchanges, Labor Exchanges, Human Rights, Democracy, Women's Rights, ...

YOU can help the plight of poor Palestinians in Gaza by seizing this opportunity that has been presented to the Muslim world by the American election of a president who believes in Jimmy Carter's assessment of an unjust Israeli Apartheid!
Don't go getting it in to your heads that cynical view promoted by anti-Obama warmongers (neocons) who want you all to say:
America will never change, Obama can't change anything, the whole world is run by a bunch of Zionist lobbyists, America's undying support for the state of Israel means it can never support the creation of a new state alongside it called Palestine, ...
don't go thinking this way, this is what the neocons, and their Frankenstein Al-Qaeda, and their foot soldiers Christian Zionists, and illiterate cynical masses on the Arab street might be led to believe by the Frankenstein agents and Wahabi infidels, but you Iran, you should be much smarter than that!!!!
Believe in Obama!!!! He is the ONE!

Anonymous said...

I just read this interview with Dr. Ebtekar (see below link), though I warn you readers, it is NOT in English unfortunately :-(

Great interview Dear Dr. Ebtekar! Well said indeed! :-)
It was probably done before President Obama's victory, but I just saw it today. Why isn't it somewhere on the web in English? or is it and I don't know where to look? Please post its English translation here at least!

Anonymous said...

wow!!!!! read this everyone (news link below) and this one is in English thankfully! :-)

I knew it!!!!! what did I tell you Dr. Ebtekar? I said it a long time ago, that just with a logical look at all the wrong policies and detrimental statements coming out of Iran, it was apparent to little old me just observing from the 10000 feet view, that the "enemy" must be within you!!!! and what do you know? I was right!!!

Anonymous said...

For anyone of Persian Paradox readers who might read my comments and wonder why someone who sounds so liberal, so democratic and so anti-fundamentalist, has decided to support the IRI regime, its Reform movement, and whole heartedly TRUST and admire the pro-democracy tendencies of the left wing politicians in Tehran, maybe this article can shed some light:

I'm not an Azeri, but as any other Iranian, I know the depth, strength, and the degree of Iranians' visceral sense of nationalism that transcends ethnicity, language, religion, or geography, and I know how crucial and important it is for the West to understand IT CANNOT MESS WITH IRANIAN SOVEREIGNTY AND INDEPENDENCE EVER AGAIN!!!!!!!

This is an extremely important lesson for ANY foreign force to understand!!!! Just listen to Iranian Azeris, Iranian Armenians, Iranian Jews, Iranian Kurds, Iranian Lurs, Iranian Baluchis, Iranian Turkomen, and even Iranian Arabs of Khuzestan!!!!! None of us, not one single Iranian of whatever ethnicity, heritage, language, whether Sunni or Shiite, whether religious or secular, whether rich or poor, whether man or woman, whether young or old, would EVER side with a foreign force against Iran's sovereignty (hence Iranians' utter disgust and sheer contempt for the few thousand traitors belonging to the MKO terrorist group who sided with Saddam in the 80s)!!! You can never find even ONE Jew or Armenian or Azeri or any other non-Persian Iranian who would NOT call himself/herself an Iranian first and a Jew or Armenian or Azeri or whatever else second!!!! This is NOT what you will see in the Jews or Armenians or Azeris or Kurds of other countries in the region, where their sense of ethnic identity is much stronger than their sense of nationalism, but in Iran? Everybody is an Iranian FIRST and everything else comes second, even devotion to Shiism!!!!

So, why do I want the IRI to correct and reform itself, contrary to what these delusional L.A. Pahlavi loyalists want???? these traitors who would actually have America threaten their country with war and destruction in order to see a non-fundamentalist regime in Tehran???? because I LOVE Iran!!!!

Black Chador said...

Palestinian problem are an International problem that needs International solution. However Arab countries have a bigger responsibility than the Western countries in helping their own race. Take a look at this story and you know why Iran is should help Palestinians especially Palestinian women.

Anonymous said...

your latest post on your other weblog:

BRAVO!!!!!! bravo bravo bravo! now we're talking!!!!!! ...

Black Chador said...

One look at the crying toddler of the terrorist attack in Mumbai will give you the perspective of greatness of Islam and its Radical followers. I wonder if this crying baby knows difference between Jews, Christians and, Muslims?
All he wanted was the warmth of his mother’s arm but those terrorists took that from him in the name of “Good”.
As a born and raised Muslim I have read Quran in Arabic while I was in Iran schooling system by force and then I read the Farsi translation of Quran by choice while I lived in USA. I have to tell you that both versions were very hard to comprehend. Quran just like any other “Holy Book” is just a bunch of hearsay put on papers by a few groups with their own agendas. But, forced on me during my childhood and reading it later on my own I don’t remember in any part of it saying “hey Muslims go kill Jews and Christians and other Muslims so God be please with you”. Maybe I am wrong and I missed those Suras.
This horrific terror in Mumbai was achieved by Lashkar-e-Taiba. I have to admit that I didn’t know much about them so I Google them and learned a few things about them. Ironically Laskar-e-Taiba literally means “Army of the Good”. Well, tell that to the crying toddler. Tell him that these great Muslims took his parents because it was for their own “Good”. Tell other grieving survival of Jews, Muslims, Christians, Atheists and other faiths that based on the analogy of “Army of Good” your loved ones had to die for “Good”.
When we as decent human being, Muslims, Jews, Christians, Atheists and others are we going to tell these murderers enough?
Maybe we should designate an International day of “Anti terrorism” and encourage all the normal human beings to come out to their streets and denounce these killings. Let show these Radical Religious Killers of all kinds that real people are against them.
As for what these murderers doing to the legacy of Islam and its prophet, I will leave that to other Muslims to either support these Terrorists or denounce them based of what their take is on Islam and its teachings.