Thursday, January 15, 2009

Mr. Obama Your Silence is Complicity

We are facing extraordinary times. The ongoing Israeli aggression on Gaza has passed the limits of humanitarian disaster, it is an evident crime against humanity. Now, more than 1000 civilians have been killed, while European surgeons in Gaza believe that very few combatants have been killed. The statistics indicate that over 230 children have been killed, in addition to over 90 women. Israel has now resorted to phosphorous bombs, in addition to the cluster and napalm bombs used before. Independent analysts believe that Israel should be taken to the World Court for its evident war crimes. The relative silence of world governments , excluding of course, Iran, Venezuela and Bolivia and a few others that have severed or downgraded ties with Israel, is again a clear indication of the hypocritical mentality governing today's world.

Mr. Obama, you are stepping into the world stage in very sensitive times. You have promised to change the current policies and the expectations of many in your country and worldwide are anticipating that change. Hundreds of innocent humans and children have been sacrificed in the past weeks due to the biased policies of the American government in support of Israel. Up to now, you have been surprisingly complacent and silent in face of these crimes against humanity. The reality is, Mr. Obama that your silence is complicity.


Black Chador said...

What Obama is doing is a very practical. You cannot have two different suggestions coming out of one country. I know it is hard for Iranians to understand that but that is how real Democracies work. The Peaceful Transfer of Power is how a well run government manage to keep their cities work as normal as possible.
Obama's administration will get in to office in the afternoon of Jan 20th and that is when we will hear his opinion on Gaza.
Dr, Ebtekar, you have written three blogs here on this issue lately and a few on your Ebtekar Sabez. I failed to see you asking Hamas to stop firing rockets at Israel in any of your posts, why?

Aren't you for peace?

Don't you want a Peace Agreement for Israeli and Palestinian people?

Don't you place the smallest blame on Hamas for these killings?
Don't you blame their leader Rayan keeping his children with his beloved rockets so his rockets are shielded?
Come on, Hamas leader is not Imam Zaman or maybe you think it is.

mohammed.husain said...

I don't know a better way to foster extremism on the part of the West than to sit idly by as the Palestinians are massacred in Gaza. Bush told Obama to prepare for another 9-11, and it makes you wonder. They are fully aware of the repercussions of their actions and yet they continue. It's shameful.

Anonymous said...

I suggest you start thinking about how much you can help Iran and its people by collaborating with the NEW GREEN AMERICA of President Obama, than about things that will ONLY put your country at risk of being obliterated!!!! Watch this and THINK about the possibilities Dr. One of The World's 50 Saviors of Mother Earth!

Think of Iran's Wind and Solar richness! Think of American INVESTMENT vs. international isolation or Israeli nuclear assault!

Anonymous said...

Watch these videos and translate them to your people!

that's ALL you have to do to defeat Ahmadinejad! Every week, watch Bill Moyers Journal and then TALK about it to your people!

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't you show some PUBLIC outrage about this by going to the Majlis or to the Supreme Leader for complaining about such things on behalf of Iran's Environmentalists???

Don't you think there was a REASON the world gave you that honor of calling you "one of the world's 50 saviors of Earth"?! That title carries with itself some REAL clout and freedom of speech for you to speak out against non-environmentally sound policies of your country's government, a freedom not very many people have in Iran, certainly not many women!!!! so you SHOULD use it!!!!

If you don't stand up to Ahmadinejad's government when it comes to the environment, then who will?????!!!!! If you want to help your HERO Khatami or his pick of Reformist candidate to win next June, here's your chance to REALLY challenge the rival's camp! and not just by writing blogs and getting together with a few other women to go and "beg" Rafsanjani for a seat at the table of IRI, saying: "please respect us too and let us have a voice please!"!!!!

You have been given that VOICE and POWER by the international community when you got that title!!! Use it well, just as Shirin Ebadi is using her Nobel Peace Prize for the cause of peace and human rights in Iran!

You Reformists NEED to ALL get together in order to SAVE Iran in these crucial times in Iran's history! ALL of you, from the religious members of the Freedom Movement (FMI) whom I consider as the only TRUE (as opposed to PHONY "motezaaher") Muslims in Iran, to the peaceful secularists of Ebadi's admirers whom you should love and respect because they TOO are your "brothers and sisters in religion and humanity", from Khatami's idealists to Karroubi's pragmatists to Mir Hossein's "National Unity" leftists and socialists!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure EVERYBODY in the world is watching the pre-Inauguration events of President Barack Hussein Obama of AMERICA, starting today (Saturday, January 17, 2009). I am not only watching it on TV, but at the same time I'm following the online versions on different sites so that I won't miss anything during the TV commercials!

I just had to come here and say one thing right now after hearing the VOICE of God as that amazing baritone young man in Baltimore sang the National Anthem of the United States of America:

Today, as the ENTIRE world did on September 11, 2001, WE ARE ALL AMERICANS!!!

God Bless Obama!

Anonymous said...

Now, THIS is what I call a TRULY revolutionary WOMAN!!!

Azam Taleghani is absolutely the FIRST Muslim Feminist of the Iranian Revolution, and if there are any women in Iran today with any rights to hold any post in any part of the IRI establishment, it's thanks to this courageous woman's unyielding dedication to the TRUE cause of Freedom, Independence and Islamic Republic!

I not only LOVED her father and think of that shaheed as the MOST spiritual and most RIGHTEOUS leader of the revolution, but as a 9-10 year old kid fascinated with the fervor of those first few months of the revolution, I looked up to Ms. Azam Taleghani as my role-model, as the Fatemeh Zahra of our times, as the daughter of a REAL SAINT which is what I think Ayatollah Taleghani really was, a saint!

God Bless The Spirit of Saint Taleghani!

Anonymous said...

Iran needs ALL its women, from ALL its shades of gray or from ALL its colors of the the spectrum, to come TOGETHER and save their beloved country, its beloved revolution, and its beloved culture and civilization, embracing its entire history, from the Zoroastrian heritage of "Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds" handed down to us from 5000 years ago, to Cyrus The Great's FIRST EVER Declaration of Human Rights, to the last 1400 years of our history in which the egalitarian and justice centered message of Islam and Prophet Mohammad and Imam Ali's moral teachings colored our collective psyche with what's common in all 3 Abrahamic religions and cultures!

Iran needs ALL its women to help SAVE their motherland! One of those women is the courageous Ms. Shirin Ebadi,

another one is Ms. Azam Taleghani,

and another one CAN possibly be you Dr. Ebtekar, that is IFF you show some courage and stand up to the fundamentalist minority of your society who seem to have taken over the entire establishment and have taken 70 million Iranians hostage!

I suggest you organize an inclusive conference of women for PEACE in Tehran where you invite Azam Taleghani, Shirin Ebadi, Farideh Motahhari, Zahra Rahnavard, Zahra Eshraghi, Zohreh Sadeghi, ... and SHOW the likes of Mrs. Ahmadinejad or Mrs. Elham that YOU are not about to let these "khaaleh-zanak" uncultured, uneducated, fundamentalist fanatic "zaalleen" women and their husbands or sons to drive YOUR country into a ditch anymore!!!! It's YOUR reponsibility to YOUR Islam, to your Iran, to YOUR Islamic Revolution!!!!

but don't forget, you NEED Shirin Ebadi in your midst if you REALLY wanna be able to make that statement to these fanatics BOLDLY and CLEARLY enough!

Anonymous said...

Today's IRI establishment BETTER NOT try to stop this memorial ceremony which will be organized next Thursday for its most revered and BELOVED Founding Father, the late Mohandes Mehdi Bazargan,

and IRI's police and interior ministry BETTER make sure that the same "kafan-poosh" hooligans who have been harassing the TRUE revolutionaries of the 1979 Islamic Revolution for the past 27-28 years, WILL NOT be given the "Green Light" to resort to their violent brand of fanaticism and intolerance in order to KILL Iran's Islamic Democracy in the hopes of replacing it with their tyrannical brand of Caliphate!!!

This is what THIS amazingly peaceful and wonderfully democratic FOUNDING FATHER of Iran's Islamic Republic was all about:

I don't know if we might call him the Thomas Jefferson or the Benjamin Franklin of Iran, but what I can say for sure, is that HE WAS the most ENLIGHTENED Founding Father we had in the year our nation overthrew a monarchy and drafted its FIRST ever DEMOCRATIC constitution!

That constitution was later subject to undemocratic assaults and modifications as well as most shameful negligence and non-adherence to its LAWS by some of the unlawful elements of the IRI establishment, but if Iran is to survive today's threats and ascend to its rightful position of LEADERSHIP in the Muslim World, it MUST only resort to its CONSTITUTION! There is NO other way!

God Bless The Spirit of Mehdi Bazargan!

Anonymous said...

This was the MOST awe-inspiring song that was sung today at President Barack Hossein Obama's "We Are One" concert in DC. LEARN, and SING our version on the wake of President Mir Hossein Mousavi's victory next spring!!!

My country, 'tis of thee,
Sweet land of liberty,
Of thee I sing;
Land where my fathers died,
Land of the pilgrims' pride,
From every mountainside
Let freedom ring!

My native country, thee,
Land of the noble free,
Thy name I love;
I love thy rocks and rills,
Thy woods and templed hills;
My heart with rapture thrills,
Like that above.

Let music swell the breeze,
And ring from all the trees
Sweet freedom's song;
Let mortal tongues awake;
Let all that breathe partake;
Let rocks their silence break,
The sound prolong.

Our father's God to Thee,
Author of liberty,
To Thee we sing.
Long may our land be bright,
With freedom's holy light,
Protect us by Thy might,
Great God our King.

Our joyful hearts today,
Their grateful tribute pay,
Happy and free,
After our toils and fears,
After our blood and tears,
Strong with our hundred years,
O God, to Thee.

We love thine inland seas,
Thy groves and giant trees,
Thy rolling plains;
Thy rivers' mighty sweep,
Thy mystic canyons deep,
Thy mountains wild and steep,
All thy domains.

Thy silver Eastern strands,
Thy Golden Gate that stands
Fronting the West;
Thy flowery Southland fair,
Thy North's sweet, crystal air:
O Land beyond compare,
We love thee best!

This is a song written by Americans for America, but the words touch ANY nation about their country where ever they may be, especially those nations who've endured revolutions and wars!

What is the equivalent of THIS song for Iranians? what should you sing when a DEMOCRATIC REFORMIST TRUE Revolutionary man wins on June 12, 2009 in Iran???

Ey Iran!!!!

This is what you should AWAKEN the Iranian people with in order to arouse their passions enough to make them FINALLY (after 30 years) stand up again and demand their God given RIGHTS and FREEDOMS to be returned to them!!!

Ey Iran, My Country 'Tis of Thee!

Black Chador said...

Dear Dr Ebtekar,

I have not seen any post from Kathy, or many other names she is using. Did she quit commenting on your site again?

How about starting a blog on The NEW AMERCIA?

Anonymous said...

Long Live Montazeri!!!!!

Long Live Iran's Islamic Revolution!
Long Live Islamic Democracy in Iran!

Anonymous said...

that's a good idea! a new blog about the Obama World! I might do it as soon as my mind gets free of some stressful deadlines. actually I'll do it by just going back to writing on my own "Citizen of the World" weblog. it was good, eh?!

Hello Obama World!!!
Hello Chimerica!!! (as coined by Niall Ferguson)
Hello Global Harmony and Peace!!!