Friday, March 6, 2009

The Campaign Trail and Environmental Awards

The non-governmental Center for Peace and Environment (CPE) held its annual awards ceremony in Tehran last night. Former President Seyed Mohammad Khatami who had taken part in the previous years was not available. After announcing his candidacy for the up-coming Presidential elections, he has started his provincial visits and yesterday he began a 3-day trip to visit people in Fars, Bushehr and Kohkilouye Boyerahmad three important provinces of Iran. Many predict that the provincial visits of Khatami will create a favorable atmosphere for the reform campaign in Iran. However, pressures and smearing campaigns have also been underway against him during these days and this has created more popularity for Khatami among the young people. His campaign trail is worth following these days.
In the awards ceremony Professor Mohammad Soltanieh was awarded the Prominent Researcher Award for 35 years of devoted research work in the field of air pollution and climate change. Dr. Soltanieh was also a member of the leading team of scholars of the IPCC , the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change that received the Noble Peace prize in 2008.
A provincial activist from Gorgan and an NGO from Azerbaijan were also recognized by the Board of Referees for their significant activities in this field. Two environmental journalists also received a prize for their efforts in reporting on environmental issues.
I spoke on the importance of recognizing the work of environmental activists and criticised the government for its lack of insight and action for the environmental cause. I called upon NGOs and media to question Presidential candidates about their environmental policies and to evaluate candidates on the basis of their perspectives and policies on sustainable development.


Black Chador said...

Why the Iranian government is so afraid of the idea of a public trail of Abbas Palizar? I remember the other dictator, Shah allowed Gulsorkhi and Daneshian to be put on a public trail. Make Pallzar court sessions open to Iranian people and prove to them that Ahmadinejad government is not corrupted. If you keep it a secret the cloud of doubt will destroy Islamic Republic, is this what the Mullahs want?

Black Chador said...

Dear Dr. Ebtekar,

The hottest issue in Iran these days is the trail of Abbas Palizar; we would like to know your opinion on this big issue.

Black Chador

tnm16 said...

Dear Ms. Ebtekar,

I saw you in the docu "444 Days" and "Iran & the West" and was happily surprised today to come across your blog (via blogroll on Saffron & Opium).

I currently work at PressTV here, and am looking forward to election season.

However, I feel there is no Obama-style "new blood" in the Iranian political sphere. I greatly admire Mr. Khatami (as much as I dislike the incumbent), but people I speak to (in Tehran streets, everywhere)seem jaded toward Reformists. He currently does not command a tenth of the tidal wave that swept him to power in 1997.

It feels like there is a huge void in the race. A star candidate, someone who can rally the nation with the promise of a better era, in terms of large-scale systems such as Economy, Education, Energy (Environment).

The name that keeps coming to my mind since I saw you is yours. And what a slap it would be to the West -- a woman president in Iran. As you formerly held the second-highest executive office in this country, I don't understand why you would not consider running?

I would greatly appreciate a response if you have the time.

Many thanks,
TM from Tehran

Black Chador said...

tnm16, you said:

"I don't understand why you would not consider running?"

I guess you don't know much about Islam and Muslim women rights in Islam> In order for Iran to have a woman president Iranians have to elect two women because in Islamic laws women are only worth half a man.
But, like you I will wait for Dr. Ebtekar's response