Sunday, April 12, 2009


The Tehran City Park is just accross the City Council Building on Behesht( paradise) Avenue. It is a paradise in itself. Built during the reign of Reza Shah, this park is Tehran's oldest. Its tall and aged trees, create a beautiful atmosphere and lots of shade for the very hot summer days in Tehran. There are now over 1500 parks in Tehran and every year we have dozens of new parks added to this list. These trees and beautiful greenery are very valuable for a city that suffers from chronic air pollution.

On the election campaign, most Reformist parties and groups have now announced their support for Mir Hossein Mousavi . He has given his first international press conference and is now expressing his views on various contentious and controversial issues. These views seem to increasingly ,conform with ideas that Reformists have promoted during recent years. Mir Hossein has also commenced his provincial trips, meeting with people from all walks of life and giving his positions on a wide range of domestic issues. Change for a better future, is the major objective that we all follow. Elections are a valuable opportunity in democratic societies and young people in Iran hope that this opportunity will be appreciated and lead to significant change in the political atmosphere, directions of the government and administration, in line with the objectives of our Revolution and values.

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