Monday, May 25, 2009

Green Wave

Green is the buzz word today. It is the color specifically chosen by supporters of Mir Hossein. In Iranian culture as well as Islamic tradition green is the most meaningful color. Now, green is taken as a sign of support for change, a sign of opposition to current government policies and as a sign of choosing Mir Hossein Mousavi. Green head bands, green T-shirts, green scarves are the political fashion in Iran today. I have been travelling from Ghazvin to Mashad and Neishabour and meeting with large audiences, talking about the importance of these elections and why we all have to take this opportunity for democracy as granted and vote for change. Except for the current President all other candidates consider change as their major strategy, change in economic policy, change in social policy and change in our international approach. Apparently, Mir Hossein is leading in the polls in major cities throughout the country. The state run radio and television is under harsh pressure to give a fair share of publicity to each candidate. The President however is an exception apparently since the government has an absolute rule over this monopolized media. His visits throughout the nation have been inspiring.
It seems that even though the government has been increasing wages and providing government shares even up to a month before the elections, people are making independent decisions on the election. The green wave is taking over.

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Black Chador said...

Today that deranged woman Rajabi opened her mindless mouth again. She called this Green Movement by young Iranian an Algae or as she called it “Sabseh Lajan”. Well she should know what Lajan is since she has been supporting it for the last for year. Not just supporting it but worshipping it. As I heard even her own family especially her father thinks very little of her. I wonder what has happened to her to sink this low as to call this Young Iranian movement a Lajan. I wonder if there is a pill beside Freedom Pill that would mend an evil mind such as hers, I wonder.