Friday, June 26, 2009

A Letter for Hugo Chavez

Mr. Hugo Chavez
President Republic of Venezuela

Excellency, I hope you remember me . I witnessed how you considered President Khatami as your friend when you visited Iran during his term, I was a colleague of your Minister of Environment and I chaired the High Level Roundtable in the Johannesburg Summit on Sustainable Development of which you were a member.

We, in Iran, are well informed of your resistance against imperialism in Latin America, your efforts to serve your impoverished people, your successful endeavor to remove limitations from election terms for the Presidency and your recent reconciliation and exchange of Ambassadors with Washington.

I speak with you as an Iranian citizen and representative of the people of Tehran. I have learned through an AFP report that you have recently said that the " imperial hand" of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency – and of Europe – was behind post-election clashes .On Wednesday, on the margins of a gathering of Latin American leftist leaders you have also said that "Ahmadinejad won the elections legally, we are absolutely sure we know quite a lot about Iranian politics".

I wish to inform you that unfortunately, you know little about Iranian politics or international politics, for that matter. What considerations have led you to take such positions are not known for me and history will judge you on the basis of these words. True politicians never act hastily. Your hasty remarks are considered as interference in our internal affairs, since the Guardian Council which is legally responsible for the approval of the elections has not yet given its final verdict. Therefore, your remarks indicate that you have approved these elections, which have been seriously contested by all three rivals of Mr. Ahmadinejad, before the completion of legal processes. Mr. Chavez, all three rivals of Mr. Ahmadinejad are loyal to the Islamic Revolution as the Supreme Leader mentioned before, they have more anti- imperialist credentials than you or your dear friend. Attributing their objection against the election results,and the objections of Mir Hossein Mousavi against the arrest and detainment of revolutionary figures and against illegal attacks on citizens, and the peaceful demonstrations of millions, to foreign powers is a clear slander and insult to our nation.
The Iranian movement for reform and change is one rooted in our Islamic mores( which I doubt you know much about) and in the sublime values of the Islamic Revolution. This movement has nothing to do with foreign powers but has suffered due to the pressures which the West and interference of Eastern powers in our affairs.

Human dignity and freedom is highly regarded and cherished in our culture. Mr. Chavez, I wish to remind you of two important slogans of our Revolution < Independence Freedom Islamic Republic and Not East Nor West, Islamic Republic.>I wish you would reconsider your positions and correct your wording. This might improve your image before the Iranian nation.
Since most leaders of the Reform movement were student leaders of the Second Revolution in 1979, I will send you a copy of my memoirs Takeover in Tehran so that you may learn more about the values that we cherish and the dignity that we pursue.
Excellency , please accept my highest considerations.


Anonymous said...

a few days ago I heard that Ahmadi Nezahd said to his Ministers and ... :" You must learn from Mr.Chavez, you must NOT afraid of people, we can do every thing we wish, just don't afraid".
I read your mail, it was really GREAT! I know he won't read it, but all of the people around world must know thses!
again thanks,
sincerely Yours;

hussain mehdi said...

What do you mean by democracy???

Twenty hundred thousands people went on streets of London on protest to tell London govt to ‘stop war in iraq’ did London govt obey people???

So, London govt rejected people’s calls then and there and never shown an iota of compromise on people’s demands. Do you call it democracy ???

And if, one or two hundred thousands people went on streets of Tehran to show reaction on election results and call for re-election and govt do not follow people’s demands then you call it ‘govt’s insincerity with people’ why ????

And if you say that there was no violence on London streets and there was violence on Tehran streets then you should remember that the protesters in London first applied for obtaining permission in written and an approval in written of the place of protest. You should know that London protesters changed dates several times on govt instructions for the protest. Although, London protesters were going to protest against govt policies but they never disobeyed govt and never collided with govt or with security officials. They went on street showed their displeasure and dispersed peacefully without giving London govt an ultimatum to fulfill demands within twenty four or forty eight hours.

While in Tehran, mousavi went or sent his supporters on the streets of Tehran without obtaining prior permission in written from govt along with approval of place of protest. Even, some times own mousavi supporters did not know that where the protest was on. Mousavi organized or given instructions for illegal protests at dozen places at the same time. Here and there, no body knew what’s going on. In such a situation of confusion and panic, rioters and foreign agents got the golden opportunity to play their satanic games on the streets of Tehran directly under the nose of govt. It was mousavi, who gave enemy such opportunity. In such a situation of panic and confusion, various incidents of violence took place, whether this was martyred neda’s incident or others. Enemy utilized each and every opportunity to pressurize Iranian govt.

From the start of 13th june 2009, at 1.00 am, mousavi himself started acting like a govt. he never considered himself to follow a reasonable way. He tried always to expand his objection on election beyond boundaries of country and rationale. He never condemned usa or britain or germany or france on their blatant and satanic interference inside iran. As a second after ahmadinejad, and as a representative of Iranian people, it was his prime responsibility to protect the dignity of iran and tell foreigners to keep yourself away from iran. He should have said foreigners that: “we all are Iranians, we are able to solve our problems internally, we don’t need outside help or assistance or guidance” but mousavi never said it to foreigners. Mousavi never said it to foreigners.

Imam Khomini and people of iran, during period of shah, faced all kind of violence, injustice and bloodshed, but never accepted or asked for foreign help. Even, Imam Khomini’s own son was murdered in Najaf, Iraq on the orders of shah.

How many times you saw Imam khomini crying for his son on bbc or cnn or else?
Did he even ask to international president of usa for any help or assistance or even moral assistance?

He and Iranian people never did it. Iranian people never accept foreign assistance or guidance on their internal matters. This is the nature of Iranians. They treat foreign guidance as insult.

hussain mehdi said...

Isn’t it true that the Islamic republic of Iran has stood up against all hegemonic powers of the world strongly and boldly???

Isn’t it true that the Islamic republic of Iran has safeguarded its people’s interests all over the world with bold steps rationally???

Isn’t it true that the Islamic republic of Iran has improved the importance of Iran and Iranian people significantly in the world adopting intelligent policies???

Isn’t it true that the Islamic republic of Iran has never compromised its people’s interests in any arena of the world???

Isn’t it true that the Islamic republic of Iran has successfully managed to improve the life of Iranians in all fields despite of 30 years continued sanctions imposed by few human right champions of the world???

Isn’t it true that the Islamic republic of Iran now is among the most developed countries in Asia and Africa???

Isn’t it true that the Islamic republic of Iran now has the best literacy rate in all Islamic countries and competes with Malaysia and Turkey???

Isn’t it true that the Islamic republic of Iran is no longer labeled as puppet of foreigners???

Isn’t it true that the Islamic republic of Iran today no longer begs assistance and help and advises from foreign powers on internal matters???

Isn’t it true that the Islamic republic of Iran today does not receive foreign envoys for dictations???

Isn’t it true that the Islamic republic of Iran today holds the status of key decision maker in the region???

Isn’t it true that the Islamic republic of Iran today does no appoint foreigners as advisers and assistants as it is still common practice in all Muslim countries except Iran???

Isn’t true that the Islamic republic of Iran today has its business display centers in four corners of the world, displaying its national products????

Isn’t it true that the Islamic republic of Iran today has such status that Iran and Iranians can not be ignored in international decisions and policy makings???

Isn’t it true that the Islamic republic of Iran today exports thousands of its home-made products in more than 130 countries of the world along with petroleum???

Isn’t it true that the Islamic republic of Iran today conducts and supervises various humanitarian and business projects and contracts all over the world???

Isn’t it true that the Islamic republic of Iran today has such status the foreign powers wait for the Iranian decision????

Please think that would it be wise to destroy such status of Islamic republic of Iran in the world???

Jack the Reporter said...

It seems that the Ahmadinejad government has a credibility crisis which will adversely affect its international standing. I think the government has to change course and negociate a compromise with the people and gain their trust. The Iranian people are wise and trustworthy , why does the government not recognise this fact? I think to name this reformist campaign as a velvet revolution is an insult to the nation.

hussain mehdi said...

Religions always invite you all towards progress, knowledge and bright future,
This is we, who reject religions,
Why we do this???
We do this just to make few happy,

We reject books of God,
Because, we believe that we are more broad minded,

The God, who has created millions of universes and creatures, can not prepare our rules of daily life. This is our view,

Who is at fault???
God’s universes are running with zero error,
While we with man-made laws have thousands of problems,
Yet, we rigidly insist that man-made laws are the only salvation,

This is man-made laws that ignite wars and kill millions of innocent people,
Yet, we rigidly insist that man-made laws are the only salvation,

God invites us,
God calls us with open hands and says:

“do not run away. I am your God. I love you more than even more than whole combined love of seventy mothers”

We reply that “No, we are happy with out you”

How human being can be happy without God???
This is a question,
No man-made law ever answered this question,

What is our future without God???
What is our satisfaction without God???
What is our destiny without God???

No man-made law ever answered these questions,

Man-made law never tells us that there is no future for humankind without submission to God,

We have more strong relation to God than a mother has with her children,

Go and visit a poor,
Ask a little child there that:

“Come…we will give you toys, sweets, this and that…leave your poor mother and come with us”

That poor little child will reject your offer out rightly then and there,
Because the trust in the mother,

How tragic is this that few of us do not even have such level of trust in God what that little has for mother,

We just say good-bye and leave Our God in the love of toys,
What a tragedy.

hussain mehdi said...

According to mr. mousavi:

1-Election was fraud,
2-Guardian council is bias,
3-Ahmadinejad govt is illegitimate,

Let’s see how mousavi’s opinion strengthens the state of Iran:

According to opinion of mousavi:

1-Election was fraud,
So if govt announces another election,
And suppose for a while that ahmadinejad wins again, then???
Or, suppose for a while that mousavi wins, then???
Whether mousavi wins or ahamadinejad wins but the state of iran will have to accept first that the previous election was a fraud???

Is it an insult to state of Iran or not???

While there is no solid proof that election was a fraud,
Even then, State Of Iran while bearing all insult and humiliation in the community of world nations, without availability of any single solid proof, should declare election a fraud just to satisfy mousavi???

Is it an honest call of mr. mousavi ???

When state declares an election a fraud, is it only an insult limited to election organizers, or is it an insult to whole Iran and entire Iranian nation????

Just to capture a chair of victory,
Mr. mousavi wants to humiliate entire Iranian nation in the pages of history forever,
Is it justified???

Just think of it please,

2-Gaurdian council is bias,
Why Guardian Council is bias???
Because guardian council did not annul the election according to mousavi’s view,
This is the same guardian council that tried to have meetings with mousavi to listen his views face to face, but mousavi rejected all requests of guardian council and never met with guardian council, why???

Why mousavi avoided face to face meeting with guardian council ???
Because guardian council is bias???

So, if guardian council is bias, he should not have avoided the meeting because in that case guardian council could not raise an objection on mousavi,

But, mousavi avoided the meeting calling the state apparatus as bias,

Mousavi knew that during face to face, he wouldn’t be able to answer cross questions of members of guardian council, that’s why he avoided the meeting,

I give you an example of another public representative:

Mr. Zelaya of Honduras is ready to talk to even military head that has kicked him out from the power and from country,

Why Mr. Zelaya is ready to talk to military head??? And,
Why Mr. Mousavi rejected meeting with guardian council???

Please compare both,

Is zelaya greedy of power???
Is zelaya corrupt???
Is zelaya a fraud???

So, why zelaya is ready to meet military head?
And, why mousavi was not ready to meet face to face with members of guardian council?

Mr. Mousavi calls himself a broad mind educated person,
While he does not meet even at the status of a latin American ???

Mr. Mousavi! How disgusting you are for Iranians, this is unimaginable,

3-ahmadinejad is illegitimate,
Why ahmadinejad govt is illegitimate because in the opinion of mousavi, it came up by fraud elections,

When mr. mousavi said such words, what was the implications of such words ???

Is it in the benefit of mr. mousavi ???
How is it in the benefit of mr. mousavi ???

will such words change the situation in his favor???
will such words give him the chair of victory???
will such words harm ahmadinejad as an individual ???

No, such words cant bring any benefit to mousavi,
Nor can bring any harm to ahmadinejad individually,

So, who will suffer from mousavi’s words ???

No One, but state of Iran and Iranians,
When mousavi said such foolish words, he actually tried to undermine and insult Iran and Iranians worldwide,

Imam Khomini respected all contracts and agreements that shah had made with foreign countries except oil and israel, because Imam Khomini’s opinion on oil contracts and on Israel was very clear from the first day,

Why Imam Khomini respected all agreements and contracts, although he could have set aside all deals out rightly ????

Because to maintain the respect of State Of Iran,

The same respect that has no value in the eyes of mousavi.

hussai mehdi said...

Why united states wants ‘change’ in Iran????

Because, united states has finished playing ‘shia-sunni’ card in the region,

Now, people have become aware of the fact that this ‘shia-sunni’ computerized ‘made in america’ game is not beneficial either for sunnis or shias,

Now, shias and sunnis both have become aware that this is nothing but wahabi+usa game,

On one hand, obama visits house of saud and kisses the dirty hand of wahabi king,
The same king that sponsors terrorism worldwide,
On the other hand, obama claims to fight against terrorism,

Now, united states wants to showpiece friendship with iran in the pretext of change to isolate iran from its sunni neighbors and to throw iran at the level of house of saud,

As the friendship of usa has discredited wahabi house of saud in all over the world,
The same way usa wants to discredit iran in the world specially in the eyes of muslims,

The friendship of united states is a poison for iran,
As the friendship of usa has poised shah of iran and house of saud,

Few temporary benefits from the friendship of usa may add few things temporarily,
But, in the long term such friendship will isolate and discredit iran permanently,

Iran will definitely lose its ideology and its strength of revolution and its respect in the eyes of Iranians and in the eyes of people of the world,

Only fools like mousavi will start running hurriedly to pick up the dry dirty stone of friendship of usa at such heavy cost,

Once cost is paid, can never be returned back,
But, mousavi does not understand this,

What change???
Change is not like changing the dress three times a day,

Iran has achieved such a trust in the heart of people of the world, because of its independent and wise policies, after years of hard work, can not be gifted to usa in return of such friendship that once saddam enjoyed,

But, mousavi, shah of iran, house of saud and saddam type of leaders do not understand this.

husain mehdi said...

What is balanced way???

Is it that one tells nation that elections are fraud and will produce proof ‘later’?
Is it that one tells nation that detainees are raped and will produce proof ‘later?

What is the right way???

Isn’t it that one should provide all necessary proofs of fraud in elections first and then wait for the investigation results patiently at least fifteen days???

Isn’t it that one should submit proofs of rapes of detainees and then wait for the investigation results at least for 24 hours???

Mr karroubi first issued an statement in the newspapers that detainees are being raped, when Larijani investigated the issue thoroughly by forming a committee and visited prison centers in Tehran and found out that there was no case of rape occurred against detainees by jailors. Now, karroubi says that he will produce proofs,

What is this???
A psychological play with Iranians???

Why karroubi did not publish the proofs of rape along with his statement???
Why even karroubi did not on the first place write a letter to concerned administration informing them about rape cases along with proofs he had and then wait for the response of administration at least for 24hours???

And, if administration did not respond accordingly, then karroubi could have gone in public,