Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Green Path of Hope

Tragic events have overshadowed the political atmosphere in Iran after the elections. It is clear now, that supporters of Mr. Ahmadinejad , in the executive, military and judiciary sectors have worked together to prove that the peaceful protests of millions of people against fraud and deciet in the name of Islam, was a foreign instigated attempt for a velvet revolution. Interesting to say, all three rivals of Ahmadinejad have rejected election results on the basis of clear and widespread evidence of cheating and fraud at all levels of vote counting and supervision. They who were all devotees and trustees of the Islamic Revolution, with more Islamic and revolutionary credentials than Ahmadinejad felt that the Islamic Republic is facing a serious challenge to its basic principles and values. The major concern was that clinging to power by any means constitues a deviation that that would distance the government from Islamic values and therefore contradict many of those objectives. Decieving the people into thinking that they could bring about change in the context of legal elections by playing the game and accepting the rules, and then accusing them of formenting a velvet revolution was a senario that the ruling establishment had concieved.

What they could not predict was that Mousavi and Karroubi and the people would resist inspite of brutal suppression , arrests, banning of publications, internet sites and in general freedom of expression. It is evident that the Islamic Republic should be protected but does that mean at any price ? Can a system based on religious and Islamic ethics go too far to infringe on all basic human rights in a very widespread level? The reality is that we are facing a paradox of protecting the sanct entity of the Islamic Republic which was intended to be the ultimate utopia of humanity in contemporary times, or protecting the substance and values that constitute the theoretical and fundamental values of this Revolution?
Mousavi has announced the creation of the Green Path of Hope as a widspread movement to follow the objectives of his campaign, Mr. Karroubi has embarked to defend the claims of those abused and victimized during street protests or while detainment. The Majlis has created a Special Committee to follow complaints.
We adopted a bill in the Tehran City Council obliging the Mayor of Tehran to prepare a report on how the City Council could attend to some of the sufferings and pain that the citizens of this city have faced during the unrest and protests after the elections. Supporters of Ahmadinejad are not content with these developments, they consistently deny or underestimate wrondoings and indicate that they will attend to all claims. The State run TV channels have totally censured the events, while many Iranians, even in villages now refer to foreign media for their news.
The post election events and the tragedies that have ocurred have nothing to do with Islam or the Islamic Revolution , they are the result of the blind actions of ambitious politicians who wish to hold on to power at any price. Imam Khomeini considered selfishness and pride, the egoistic ambitions of leaders, the inner drive for absolute power as the major threat for any Muslim official.He would refer to this reality constantly in his speaches. In his final will Imam idicated that the same way that Western powers are a threat, backwardness and egoism are also threats to the Islamic Revolution. We now witness how the legacy of Imam Khomeini stands,once again, as an obstacle to despotism and oppression in Iran.

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