Friday, September 10, 2010

Eid and Rebellion

Islamic festivities and celebrations are termed Eid.  Eid e Fetr or the conclusion of Ramadan is one of the greatest celebrations of the Muslims. One month of fasting, prayers,piety and attending to the needs of others is actually a practice to transform our attitude and behavior.

There is a narration from Imam Sadegh the sixth descendant of the Prophet (SA) that reads as follows: The Eid is the day when there is no rebellion against God (or in other words no oppression against people).

We can celebrate when the root causes of oppression in its different forms including ;tyranny, aggression, slavery,colonialism, and war are uprooted and humankind can live in peace with one another and with nature.

Oppression in any form, in any place, in any time is a rebellion against God, since God has created humans and breathed His Spirit unto them and has appointed humankind  as His viceroy on earth. He has dignified the humans in their creation and for that reason human life is sacred and should be respected as such.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful thoughts -- human life is sacred because God created it. The Creator respects it, and so must we.

But this beautiful thought becomes confusing when we learn that God's prophet tells us that in some circumstances we must cut off human life -- we must kill. How does one make sense of this?

Anonymous said...

In reply to anonymous it is necessary to understand the concept. Human life can be taken on the basis of God's laws, when a transgression has occurred such as one who commits murder, or in war when it becomes necessary to defend ones self or one's homeland.
The basic principle is that human life is sacred and must be safeguarded. The exceptions are in cases of murder, self defense and transgression. You cannot cherish the value of life and remain indifferent in the face of murder and bloodshed.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I understand the 'concept' very well, and thank you for your kind response.

However, I was referring to the honored prophet of Islam, who tells believers to kill in various circumstances that do not include self-defense. Some Sharia laws, for example.

We safeguard life because it is the sacred gift of God to humankind, but then only to end it because of some human imperfection that does not include taking another's life?

To me, this kind of logic is confusing.