Friday, December 17, 2010

The Universal Concept of Ashura

Now that the major ceremonies of Ashura are over I have found the opportunity to write about the event. The fact that certain personalities and events dating centuries back still influence human thought and society and play a strong inspirational role marks the importance of understanding the event and the philosophy behind it. Ashura has been mourned for hundreds of years in Iran, Iraq, Syria, Kuwait,  Southern Lebanon, Pakistan, India and Bangladesh in addition to other countries. Imam Hussein and the philosophy of the Ashura uprising has been studied, praised and retold by both Muslims and non Muslims throughout the world. In reality, the essence of the message of Ashura is so close to human nature  that it is understood and appreciated by all those who cherish human values irregardless of creed or race. The universal concept that Imam Hussein pursues is to fight  injustice in any form. Imam Hussein fights the oppressive system of Bani Ommayeh who rules in the name of Islam and and claims to follow the Sharia. Omar Saad  and  Ibne Ziad and their followers pray and fast like Muslims, but also lie, and betray and break promises. These are those who use any means to reach their objectives, including lies, crimes and deceit. Imam Hussein says I have risen to correct the deviations in the religion of my grandfather the Prophet of Islam. Hussein stands against the ruling system to prove that the struggle for justice is a precondition for the dignity and freedom of humans. His message still echoes strong in history in every land and every society .

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Anonymous said...

'His message still echoes strong in history in every land and every society.'

Agreed, 100%. Apparently today's unjust cannot see.