Saturday, October 29, 2011

No Need For Help From Clinton

Today the moderate conservative daily " Islamic Republic" has criticized the national state radio and television for censuring the statement of the American Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton who said in her interview with the BBC that the internal opposition or Green Movement never appealed for foreign support. The article in the daily notes that the national radio and television should have reported objectively and used this matter to close ranks among political parties and to lessen tensions on the internal level.  Reformists have been constantly condemned by their conservative Principalist rivals for enjoying support from  Western states. Even while, they openly emphasized on their independent policies and called for non-interference in Iran's internal affairs by the west, Reformists were accused for their lenience towards the "enemies". During the bitter events of 2009 , after the disputed Presidential elections, reformists were charged for being supported by the West, since their Satellite channels had broadcast the events without censorship. Lenience and support for the Western powers has been the major accusation that rival groups have put forward to strengthen their religious supporters and legitimize the harsh measures taken against the reformists.
Intervention by foreign powers is not the solution for the problems of nations. The interventions of NATO in Afghanistan , allied and American troops in Iraq have devastated the social fabric, left thousands killed and permanently injured and destroyed the basic infrastructure, thereby taking their economies decades back. Even in Libya, the NATO forces have razed airports, industries, highways and power plants leaving the basic infrastructure in the country severely damaged.
Even now Clinton hopes that Iranians would ask for foreign support, as they encourage the Syrians to ask for foreign support against the atrocities of Assad. The reality is that foreign intervention is not the solution  and Libya cannot be a model for other countries . Syria is very different from Iraq and Libya, but Americans become blind when it suits them.
Iranian reformists have become united in their condemnation of Clinton's remarks on the necessity for foreign intervention as a remedy for political and social challenges. Even if we suffer we need to find internal and national solutions .

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